Really Messed Up Dream - Would Really Appreciate Help Interpreting Meaning

Hi, hope this is the right place for this kind of thing. Okay, so quick backstory for context. Been trying to get my love to return me and stuff, last night something was telling me to evoke Asmodeus again but with the method posted by Lady Eva. Now this morning, I wake up and can’t remember the dream I had. Despite not being tired, I feel like something is compelling me to go back to sleep. So I try to, while trying to fall asleep I visualise and fantasise about being with my love, let’s call him H, again. Then as I sleep, I have literally the most messed up dream I have ever had in my life and it felt so real. And I’ve had some messed up dreams before but this takes the cake. So I’m wondering maybe there is a meaning/message in there and I’m just struggling to see it. Would like some help with interpreting any possible meanings or messages in it, thank you. So here is the dream:

First, I am with my family in our holiday home. I have a daughter, she almost cuts her finger off by playing with a fan. I scold her and my auntie apologises for not paying proper attention to her while I was gone. My father then returns home from a party he attended with my mother and puts on the film A Quiet Place by John Krasinski for everyone to watch. As the film begins, I wake up in my bed in an apartment that looks similar to mine but different. There are photos on the walls, kitchens fridge, on the nightstand and around - I’m so sleepy I don’t get up and don’t open my eyes properly so everything appears a bit hazy. The photos on the walls seem to be of a couple. Something is “pulling” me back to sleep.

Dream one-I’m at a church place. A teenage girl is pregnant and needs help. Something happens, there is a scene I can barely remember but it involved a clock on the wall that had figures popping out when it told the time giving off demonic vibes. I then wake up with a man who looks like he could be the son of H, he lusts for me and proceeds to force himself on me and he basically rapes me. I wake up in the apartment again, my cousin is there now. She stayed over for a night and tells me something I can barely hear - but I somehow know it’s about a couple and she’s jealous.

Dream two-I’m at school, going to class and I run awkwardly into H. I try to avoid him and fail, instead I end up looking like I’m following him and he looks confused. I go back and forth between classes, in one class there is a group assignment and everyone is in groups. I’m told to go join H’s group but his is full too so someone else invites me in theirs. As I go to join that group I almost wake up-not for real but in my dream-I’m pulled back in again and have another dream.

Dream three-It looks like the apocalypse, everyone‘s wearing home made surgical masks. H is working at a small clothing store on a corner in a square in a city I do not recognise. He greets me as his girlfriend, kisses me and is affectionate. He says because X (can’t remember what) we can’t spend as much time together as we both want to, I suggest we move in together as a solution and he responds somewhere along the lines: “not yet, we can’t afford it” or something, says it’s not a good idea for right now but later. Then after saying goodbye, I see I have no hair and a girl with hair suggests that he is cheating on me with her because since she has hair unlike me she is prettier. I can’t remember the details of what happened after but someone tells me she is just lying to me because she wants him. Don’t be easily fooled. I almost wake up again in my dream and just before I woke up for real H was being affectionate again. Can’t remember the details of that though.

Would really appreciate help with interpreting the meaning of my dream. Been trying to search online and but can’t seem to find anything interpretation for anything like I had in my dream. Therefore I thought maybe someone here might be able to help. Also, if anyone can recommend a good dream interpretation book guide or something that would also be great so I don’t keep coming back here and bother all of y’all with posts like this again.

Thank you in advance :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I am not dream interpretor, however you having dreams and the recurring influence is that H is prominent in all of them. Imo this could be a few things that could be causing these dreams:

  1. Your first dream could be related to a trickster that maybe attached to you who is mimicking your former love and the dseire to do so. The clock could indicate specific times this trickster could possibly incade your dreams.
  2. They could be some of the memories you shared and made with your former love and these replay as dreams; i.e. when H was being affectionate with you.
    You be placed in scenarios with H could represent your desire to get back your love, but each time it seems like something is blocking that.
  3. The third dream could be seen as a preminition and one day you will get your love back, however in doing so could make it difficult as jealous love rivals will try to to thwart your plans by spreading malicious rumours.

Like I said I am no dream interpretor but I just say what I see…what you may find in your own research might be more accurate than mine.

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The only one I can get a good view on is the last one you will get your ex back but now is not the time you have a few blockaids to over come before you get him back

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Thank you for that, I really appreciate the help :heart: Think your right about the last two, def do hope I get him back and it clearly is taking a while to happen lol

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I really appreciate your help, thank you :heart: Hopefully I do get him and yeah, since it’s clearly taking a while to happen def right about there being blocks

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