Really Important Question!

I worship Lucifer as my God. I just made him an offering of bourbon. But I’ve asked him to fill me with his spirit. I feel like after I offered it he wants me to drink it since he lives in me I feel. Is that ok to do?

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Ask him!


Ask him for sure. Some spirits actually prefer you to partake in the offerings so they may enjoy it with you (think of it as having a drink with them in this or sharing a meal in the case of the Egyptian pantheon in my experience). Other spirits would rather you dispose of it in other ways. They each have different preferences, just like people do


Indeed before reading how to “treat” edible offerings, my only idea was about invocation or (partially) better yet, possession then eat or drink them. That’s probably a fine option.

It’s similar with the Norse Pantheon with Blóta. Usually you drink part of the alcohol you are giving up as an offering, with the idea that they have placed their blessing in the drink, and then you pour out the rest. But with Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick, I’d maintain that it is the experience you are sharing with them, so only destroying the offering may not be as effective for most spirits.


In similar topics in the forum, I have read advices which mention not to drink or eat the offerings.

Use the search button and try to find some topics that contain useful info on the subject.