Really confused :

So lately I’m really confused as a few Spirits have been popping into my mind and I just don’t feel I’m ready to work with them yet my Heart tells me too.

Some of these Spirits include Duke Dantalion and Goddess Morrigan (who I worked with this time last year). Another name that’s popped up a lot is Shugara however I told her I will work with her at a later stage. Not to mention the Gods of my Ancestors especially Goddess Kali has been showing up more and more. King Lucifer and King Lucifuge Rofocale are also on my tongue a lot.

The thing is I wanna work with them (Samael, Beelzebub and Astarte come first though) but I don’t know if I’m ready.

Anyone else work with a lot of deities at once? I mean I honor a lot daily but other than that it seems like tough work.


You could always delegate it into certain days, specifically their corresponding weekdays.

I would tell you to do it. Don’t miss your opportunities. Don’t let your anxiety get in the way of your evolution.

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I agree with @Mephisto

Look at it almost as a work out schedule.

In the gym you’d work different muscle groups, at different days for different results.

So work with a spirit at a certain day for one thing, then work with another spirit another day for another reason so and so forth.


Will do!! Lately I simplified this by selecting 5 Demons, 5 Archangels and 3 Pagan Gods and will plan my workings from there.

I apologized to the rest and told them I will work with them at a later date. I’m still gonna study them though.

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This sounds like a good plan!!