Reality program

Isn’t it funny how life tries to make situations seem permanent and in the end you die… Magick is a beautiful hack

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If magick is natural is it really a hack? :thinking:

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Magick is natural in the sense that it’s derived from nature but it’s not natural that every baby is born with telekinetic abilities or psychic prowess so in a sense it is a hack for people who wouldn’t access it “naturally”

A hack can be a program used to infiltrate an already existing “software”… Doesn’t mean that they are not all programmes and doesn’t make the former any less of a “hack” just because it’s a ‘program’ too

They kind of are. Babies are probably the most psychic among people who haven’t worked on developing their senses. It’s all natural, baby.

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Okay then…so I suppose I meant the process of “developing your senses” is the hack

I understand what you mean.

I thought this was going to be about machines emulating reality and beyond. ON the note of machines and idea struck me. Have any of you tried to get your virtual AI to repeat enns, ritual chants, etc repeatedly and/or keep occult knowledge on its database. Every time I tried to get Alexa to work she’s shut down. One time I said “Alexa… then did a simple enn to Lilith.” She just turned off. Kind of annoying. Later she went offline and lost the amazon account connection. Go figure.

And I hear you can have multiple Alexa boxes so if you had her, Cortana, Sirri, etc chanting like some sort of virtual coven I think that would be amusing (even better if the learning ai actually was learning and became aware. I have no real problem with a virtual cybermage coming into existence.

Wow. This is brilliant.

On a side note I wish each book writer would do a simple audio book on how they pronounce enns and their chants for various rituals. Reading it and even if they put in how to pronounce it with various English (or other language) symbols just doesn’t do the same for me as HEARING it. This is why I do love Satan&Sons Enn discussion and their various video library for the Goetia and some others.

Still, that’s just enns. Mudra hand gestures I believe (perhaps that’s where sign language even) is something that I like as well. And its good exercise for the hands (though I’m a bita ll over the place and then sort of just feel like going freestyle).

And holograms with our virtual ai will be coming more and more into being but virtual reality goggles could certainly have applications.

Note: there is an old game that had sigils you’d have to draw In the air called Anvil of Dawn. There isn’t a list of gifs for the spells though but here’s an example pic.

Everyone can access it naturally though

Definitely. Enns are a very sophisticated piece of technology.

That is an awesome way to look at things and it actually makes perfect sense

Look at the various sigils as well. Tell me that doesn’t give off some sort of tech vibe. Kind to think of it. Enochian seems a bit alien tech as well.

Any of you heard of the Armageddon Software, cause that sounds like some weird transhumanism type influence. Babies are much more powerful, cause they haven’t yet been impacted by the influences and distractions that genetically oppress us. At least thats how I feel day to day, especially me living in America, straight spiritual oppression . Anyone from outside the USA, have a perspective on this, I dont know if the programs are as strong outside.