Reality is all in ones head

Reality is all in one’s head, their is no solid fabric

What does this mean?

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some people believe that the universe and all beings are one, the universe is inside you as you are in it. that is why some people can soul travel by looking within themselves if that makes any since


It comes from this concept, but people misunderstand it drastically:

The Principle of Mentalism embodies the idea that “All is Mind.” Everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which precedes it. For anything to exist, thoughts had to form first, which then form physical reality or manifestation.


Pretty sure Azazel speaks about this well. In the book of Azazel


This is the quote:

Azazel, from the Book of Azazel:
All things are formed from one primordial nothingness, not at some point
in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment that you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself, and you will cease to be.

Doesn’t explain what constitues considering, though, for example when we go through dreamless sleep phases every night. :thinking:


Sensation is consideration right now I feel my muscles, my heart, my thoughts, etc


The principle of mentalism in hermetic philosophy… the all is mind. You exist in the mind of the all, and the all exists in your mind.

Most self-help new age teachings focus on the second part…“it’s all in your head”. While mystic teachings focus on the first part, the all or God.

My opinion is, to activate this principle one must have a connection with the all. Without this connection, there is separation and beyond what’s written in books and miracles stories, one can’t experience the effect of this principle. At least not in it’s complete form.

There are many ways to establish this connection, this state of mind-being, meditation is the most common and it’s relatively easy to do. Another method is prayer - doesn’t matter who you’re praying to, add to that invocation and evocation of spirits, and divination. All those activities give us direct short term benefits… for example, getting spirits to give you what you’re asking for… but this is just like giving a kid a cookie to make him do what you want without resistance… the real hidden purpose, is the connection with the all.