Realitiy Check

Hey BALGers,

I have to ask for a reality check here. I have been given the names and sigils of two spirits that serve under King Belial. I need some feed back. I want to make sure that these spirits are real and not just thoughtforms I made durring my instuctions with Belial. If they are just my thoughtforms then they will work for me but may not for anyone else.

So I need people who are willing to help me test one of these. If you are up to it pm me your email info and I will send you a sigil. All I ask is that you pm me your results or post them here.

The spirit that I am handing out is named Mol’zek. His office is to attune the magician to whatever currents they want (as long as they are chthonic or earthly, nothing celestial) I first used him to atttune me to Belial, but I have since used him to attune me to health and wealth. He apperad to me as a stout man in his late 40’s- eraly 50’s with plain clothes and a tool in his hands. He does not talk much and seems to only preform his duties because Belial constrains him to do so.

There may be some constraints, for example one may need to get Belial’s permission to work with Mol’zek. I am not sure. One of the members is currently working with Mol’zek, but I want to get as much feedback as possible.

So if you are down hit me up.

Thank you,

We just had a successful test run by one of our members! SO PUMPED right now!

I’ll start trying the other tonight. I have noticed something of a breakthrough in my scrying abilities…

HELL YEAH! I am loving it!

Well well well, this is interesting!

The scientific method being employed in the magick community, seeing if others can reproduce the result.

I’m fucking impressed!

Damn I love this movement.

I wanted to make sure that Ibwas reaching real power and not just playing games with my own head. I have a fantastic resource in all of you. The more feedback the better I know if I am on to something or not.

And the anonymity provided by the internet helps protect my fragile ego somewhat :slight_smile:

We have had another member successfully contact Mol’zek! If anyone else wants in shoot me a PM. I would upload the sigil here but the only camera I have right now is my cellphone, and I can never upload any pictures I take.

This is the seal of Mol’zek, an entity that was revealed to Orismen through Belial.

So, a few notes here: With spirit given seals, I’ve noticed that you can ascertain a form of acausal validity to the seal by how it “feels”. With some seals that I have received, they exude a… power, or heat, of sorts, maybe even a vibrancy. When I first saw the seal of Mol’zek, I didn’t feel that. Then I drew it for myself and I was struck with a heat, a power, that came off of the seal.

There is something here.

“What is your purpose Mol’zek?”

“To eschatonically connect you with passive and active powers of the universe. You may use me.”

I understood the term “eschatonically” to emphasize the extent to which the connection occurs and that it brings your personal end, i.e. the Theta Gamma Sync.

Excellent, thank you!