Reailty hacking the akashic records

Reailty hacking, going about and changing things, sometimes by bending the rules of the idea and reality and effecting a different pattern to be ‘set’ on the area imprint, of our minds, as we decide them to be on the impact of an event. As, everything is a pattern of sorts that appear to be seen, we can change the way of how things look and act. When we want to and how we would want to. But, basically its by the effort of making an impact in the area, and then making a reality form around that impact as you decide what it is to be caused and changed.

As in a cutting through of a shield and then changing the shield from the cutting impact, as though it were something else by the waves of energy that come from the influence, in a form of a reality hacking weapon. The impact can be almost anything that we want, including making a point and thought as to what things will become. And from the waves of influence of which the said point, in the reality, things warp to become what was thought on.

Or, the impact could be used to change the akashic records, by the idea of which is written down and the akashic records change to conform, by the intention and the waves of energy from such a written impact with intention, And, the impact is very useful to cause events that come from such writings. First the event will appear as a sign and then it will occur and be there, as you look at it. Except, this can be counted as a spell and is what is considered in this patterned event. As, the spell is one of the things that can make reality hack impacts.

There could also be multiple waves, that cause another change, through conformation, right after the first change. This conformation can cause many things, one it could add on to the effect that is there, two it could modify what is there, three it could make the pattern or what is seen cancelled out, and four it can readjust the effort done by those in the area of the reality hack, including the spirit of the individuals. Or, the spirit of which is effected is cancelled out, too, with the conformation. That is when you target another, and you find you can’t do elsewise.

On hacking someone else in the reality there is the idea to make an impacting point on them or something near them and then you cause by deciding what you want to happen and intention, to change them or the thing.

Due note: What we decide on is oftentimes instantaneous, in making pattern adjustments. As, the pattern of conformity is what we sometimes can use, to make the changes we desire. Things can be stated right after impact, to cause such conformed pattern changing. To note that one would ever know that they have succeeded, is to notice notice the other person or thing acting differently… so you observe another reality in place of another. So, we can actually be on the lookout for altered realities.

The impact has to be made first, though and then what you decided on changing is caused to be changed. This change can also occur, if it didn’t on the impact by your point, by you further stating or willing the change to happen. Then the effect is not thought on, its experienced.