Ready for a first contact with an entity

Hi all, I hope everybody’s keeping well.
After feeling what I can only describe as an “urge” lately, I’ve done a bit of research to get started, most of it guided by the fantastic material on this forum, through posts, links or replies from members.

Anyway… Like I said, this is just a start, my research is only just beginning.

After reading the Goetia, it seems that Dantalion could be a good “match” for me. Strangely enough, I also keep getting drawn to Decarabia and Barbatos, so I should also explore them.
Last night I drew what seems to me like a nice Dantalion sigil (I’ll post a pic later if you’re interested), and tried to gather what I might need for a first contact.

At the moment, I’m visiting relatives in a very small town, so it was difficult to find candles and incense, but I found a nice red candle and frankincense and cedar incense (no sandalwood… It was all gone). I was a bit disappointed to not find everything I was looking for, since I tend to do things “by the book”, especially when I’m unsure of myself. But I also do know that intent and will are what matters most.

Anyway! Slightly disappointed, I took that candle from the display along with a small bowl to hold it, and noticed peacock feathers in a bunch by the display. It was an old and forgotten corner of the shop, very dusty, halfway up a flight of wooden stairs. I’ve always loved peacock feathers (who doesn’t?) so I decided to buy 3 of them and went to pay. The man at the till told me “Oh, I don’t know if they’re for sale, I think they were part of the old display but I’m not sure. Either way we don’t really use them so you can take them for free, it’s a gift”.

Now… Am I reading too much into this or is it a nice, positive way to get started? I took it that way, and decided a feather might be a lovely offering for Dantalion. What do you think? I know offerings are not compulsory but somehow… It just feels right.

I’d love to hear your reactions and input… Thank you for putting up with my long post.


Go with your gut. Your intuition is the voice of your inner divinity. Listen to it. Good luck.


This is the sigil that I drew. Haha yes, I’m rather geometrical when I draw…


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I take it that this sigil isn’t a fail then :wink: Having a nasty tendency to perfectionism, I wish I could draw more “from the heart” rather than using such precise lines but there… Being a controlling perfectionist comes from the heart. So it’s a chicken an egg story.

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Don’t see a problem there.

Your idea of creativity and from the heart might just rely more on perfectionism.

You’re good to go. :wink:

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That drawing is literally perfect

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