Hello so I have had multiple readings done on my situation and have had multiple come out with different answers…

If it is ok to ask could someone help me in doing a clear reading for my situation as I do not know what is the truth anymore…if yes please pm me <3

Thank you !!!


Send me a PM, I think I can help you

Basic users can’t send PM’s, you’ll have to message her :slight_smile:

Undestood, Thank you

Cathy let me know if you still need help I will PM you

This is why multiple tarot readings on the same subject shouldn’t be done much. At least, not unless a huge change/development occurred concerning the subject and it’s been a month or two since you’ve last had a reading about it.

I have tarot decks that would straight out sass the hell out of me whenever I fall into the “repetitive reading” hole or the sneakier “paraphrasing the question but it’s really just another repetitive reading done a bit differently”. Guess what happens? Confusion, just more questions on top of the original question and not an ounce of clarity no matter how many clarifiers I pull. The same cards pop up to the point of annoyance in very different positions from the last repeated reading too. Which, results into you complicating the situation than it truly is (overthinking) and blocking the natural manifestation of whatever the original reading’s outcome is.

I could try to read for you as well, but I feel that for some reason, you need to take a break from the readings first to simply breathe, relax a bit and ease your confusion. I honestly feel like me, or any other person here reading for you AT THIS GIVEN TIME would just muddy the waters for you even more. I very much understand the need to know, trust me, I went through exactly that when I was just a noob. But the more I was attached to the reading, the more I noticed I wasn’t manifesting the supposed outcome: I ended up manifesting my fears and doubts instead.

Let go for a bit, okay? Clear your energy (and maybe head/heart space too?). :slight_smile: If you’re a reader yourself, drop the cards for weeks or a month, busy yourself with something else to do. You might need to cleanse your cards too as you take a break from them, because IME the repetitive energy gets stagnant there and makes them less responsive. If you’re a constant tarot querent, then stop asking readers for a while and get more in tune with yourself. Psychics and tarot readers are great and all, but I think that at the end of the day, it’s only us who can determine what our situation truly is and decide how to deal with it. Why not keep a journal and try writing down what you think and feel about the matter? That way, you’ll be developing your intuition and as you get better, you’ll be less focused on getting external confirmation through the cards. YouTube pick-a-cards are included here as well, okay. I know they’re fun to watch and have been very popular lately, but too much of those can cause contradictory readings as well. It’s also way too general and the YT readers’ energies cannot resonate and connect with that many people. :sweat_smile:

I hope you didn’t find this offensive/preachy. I don’t intend to be at all, it’s just that your energy seemed… kinda all over the place? Hence my concern. But if not, do feel free to disregard this. :slight_smile:


THank you so very mcuh for your reply, to be honest yes I am a bit all over the place…I had my first reading done and everything came out good! Yet I had forgotten that I had scheduled another reading 3 days time so I said what is the harm in finishing the already scheduled reading. however the main question had chenged in those 3 days ad I got terribly congused. after that I did contact a lot of readers to see what was goign on in my situation and the answers always came out the same but in two different areas

for example if I asked what I would eat tomorrow (Ididnt really just an example ahah)

40% was fish
60% was chicken

and the fish and chiken are kind of like yes ad no. so i spiralled down many psychic readers.

At this moment I am trying to take a break calm myself down abit letting things role.

I really do appreciate what you are saying and do take it at heart, I would if possible like to get a reading later on to see how the energies are moving and if everything is still on track if that is ok? But if not I totally understand. Here yes Im going to try to calm myself a bit and let everything role into place

Yeah if possible I would still like if that is ok :slight_smile:

Hoping to leave it as my last reading no matter the outcome

THank you <3

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Hey, OP! Since I can’t find your latest thread wherein you asked for a reading about this very same topic (did you delete it?) and I’m not sure if you received my PM here due to our wonky Internet, I’m just letting you know that I already finished and sent you your tarot reading. Apologies for the delay as you’re one of the last querents to PM me/request for a reading. Also, I took a short break because the energies of different querents lately were quite heavy and sad.

If you can’t view the message because of your current trust level, or it’s incomplete in some way because I hit re-send a couple of times on that lol, do let me know right away and I’ll just send the reading via Messenger instead. :slight_smile: