Read this before you make a pact

I know that this may sound like scaremongering and I don’t intend to shove this belief down no one’s throat. Everyone is free to believe what they want and to do as they please.
But for those beginners who want to jump straight in with pact-making, I recommend getting informed first.

This is not the first time when I was warned about making pacts, especially as a beginner. I’ve stumbled upon the same warning quite a few times and I like to consider these magicians as very reputable and experienced (Gordon Winterfield/GOM, Franz Bardon).

For all the new magicians (and maybe even the experienced ones) that consider making a pact (or “selling” their soul), please think long and hard about what you are going to do.

Before you consider making a pact, please read the following article:

Maybe not everything that’s written here is true, but it still makes me think.

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Pacts don’t have to be written down to bite you in the ass. (toroth)
Basically, no unconditional possession and shit like that. I know I know you feel like crap and your whole life has fallen apart, but listen to the voices of wisdom and reason and shit, and not some egotistical “I can get whatever I want” kinda crap. I mean, sure you can get whatever you want, but the problem is you aren’t looking at how the whole picture fits together, you are just going to break it.


That was an interesting article, and makes sense to me.


I’ve been in a pact 21 years with the Mighty Prince Orobas. I can say I haven’t regretted it all. I look out his interests here. He looks out for my interests. It’s a good arrangement. He doesn’t possess me or tempt me into doing strange or immoral things. He doesnt push me for blood offerings or make crazy demands for sacrifice. We just have a cool friendship and partnership.

Yes there are many things to take into consideration before taking things to the pact level with a spirit. Also WHO you’re pacting with is gonna make a huge difference in how the whole thing plays out. My personality and his personality jive right. That’s one of the most important parts of any relationship : chemistry. We just get along really well. Often I don’t need to ask him for things he just does things for me. Likewise when I can do a solid for him I do.

He’s a mentor and a teacher and a true and loyal friend to me.

I understand that some people will have misgivings on the subject but look at from positive angles too. I’d say becareful with pacts sure. But if you’ve had a good working relationship with a spirit for a long time then maybe consider taking the relationship to the next level.