Reaching Out to Lucifer

I’m planning on reaching out to Lucifer soon. I know there’s the traditional ways of reaching out and I’m taking them into consideration but I’m just curious if anyone has had luck putting his sigil under their pillow. :heartbeat:

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There’s a few topics you can look at regarding this in the search function?


Of course, was just curious if anyone had any recent experiences directly with him doing so haha :sweat_smile:

If you need a method for summoning spirits, feel free to try my easy but powerful summoning spirits method I have posted on the forum.


yesssss just do it . and it all depends on you and your ability. have belief in yourself and manifest that he will talk to you in your dream. make your own ritual. be creative. just as long as you believe. but that’s justtt his style and he’d love that :). just know his energy is strong and he’d really want you to know he’s there . he’s always more than willing to talk to me and he’s nice, so just call him !! have fun

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It’s all about manifesting, and his sigil is obviously powerful. Do whatever you feel is right, creating a altar is what you need to do first, and establish a connection then you’ll know!

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I ended up just invoking him, thank you for the input!

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