Reaching out to Lucifer

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So, I’m pretty familiar with the basics in regards to protection and research off various websites. I want to ask to question before I even do this.

Is it okay for me to reach out to Lucifer and ask him questions? And if so, what are the steps for me to make sure I am fully protected and to make sure I didn’t summoned and imposter spirit? And if not, is it disrespectful and I am putting myself in danger?

I want to ask him has he ever been around my life since I was young. I cannot explain much due to very personal family matters but for a long as I Can remember, i always felt a presence and it was not God.

I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Of course it is.

Do a banishing ritual beforehand or use one of the impostor detection seals available on the forum.

It is never disrespectful to protect yourself. Most beginners get themselves into trouble by jumping head first into summoning spirits without having the first clue about how to do it properly.


This is one of the advices I took from experienced LHP witches/practitioners. I waited a certain amount of time until I feel ready and knowledgeable to do a summoning.

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Do you have the link to the forum post?

Banishing rituals you can find everywhere with a quick Google search, but for the seals, here you go:

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