Re: Selling Your Soul

i did this ritual.

and it was the best decision i made in my life.

that day, i got Enlightened.

the theory:

all of our culture is being held in this, as i saw it, dome of lies. like a complicated informational net of blockages which is obstructing you seeing the Truth.

this dome has a tiny hole somewhere. an exit point. and how to find that exit point.

knowing that we are all held only by FEAR, the point of exit must have densest fears around it.

deeply in yourself, you are afraid of loosing yourself :slight_smile:

pushing forth to pass through this hole of Satan made me realize myself and the Truth.

the day i dedicated my soul to Satan, i have discovered The Dragon, of which i really haven’t been aware prior to that.

only after that has my magick really started to work.

just for you to know, this ritual lasted 10 hours for me.

first 4 hours i have evoked JHVH and Jesus Christ and then i cursed them with all my might.

then i had a shower, went back

and then i started the ritual as written at Joy of Satan

i did the ritual for some hours, and then i ate 5g of Psylocibe Cubensis (for the first time in my life)

i sacrificed my soul

and all i ask was that Gods of Hell be with me from now, into Eternity.

don’t think to much. you know you want it.

join the Dark Side


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Thank Enki that i did it too now! my mind was screaming all kinds of blapshemy and saying that it gives itself to something that i would totally loathe and hate… and i got scared that it did - But i remembered that i have already given my soul which is basically myself to Enki (Satan) and i used to be scared of this - but now i know its the thing that saved me, as i’m Enki’s and the original born truth and lifeforce’s if there is any god for real.

Otherwise by this rite of writing this i am to be of truth’s, love’s, and the blood of my ancestors that i have been since i was born.

I renounce giving myself to anything that i would hate, even if my mind inside itself was screaming so just to scare me off. I beg for the blessing on Enki/Satan and ov the original arcane life force to always keep me in truth and away from illusion.


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I sold my soul to the Ascended Titaness, Hecate, she gave me everything beyond my wildest dreams, transformed me into an Angel of the Light, at peace with myself, and able to just absolutely own the shit out of all the infernal power I could possibly desire.

But I lost my free will, a price well paid.


I did the ritual with Satan’s Sigil (Lucifer) for 2 hours (12-2am) dead silence prevailed in my room. Though I had no contact nor any sign of his presence, the candle flikering proved in presence. Meditated with the sigil and read the Sale of Contract, signed it with my blood and completed the ritual, thanked Lucifer and burned the contract to ashes. It is alomost 3 weeks now and I havent seen any financial improvement nor any money coming my way…Can anybody help here to say - IS THIS CONTRACT NULL AND VOID / OR SHOULD I PERFORM THE RITUAL AGAIN ON A FULL MOON NIGHT AND SIGN THE CONTRACT AGAIN. OR is there any other method or ritual that I should follow…Fellow Satanist and magicians who are experts here please help me …Many Thanks

@ELSTAN_ANTHONY_FERNA Patience is key. You can’t keep waiting for something to happen. Magick works best when you do the ritual and then no longer care. Forget about the ritual entirely. Just live your life with the belief that your situation will improve.

So you know the truth deep down, send your soul to be apart of Satans family, i remember you saying im going to sell my soul to Satan before creation after the Angels forced your soul in the vessel human body, to be apart of Satans family, so you don’t have to go to Heaven and go to Hell, so when the next creation happens again you don’t have to be forced in the same vessel again.

Thanks Strom for your reply, Am already feeling Lucifer’s presence in my room whenever I pray to Him before going to bed, and life has elated to a new level. There is something that has changed me deep inside and I just cant believe that its me…Thanks for the reply again…I Will wail …

I’m interested in learning more about how you did this . I once met hekate at the crossroads but not to "sell my soul " . I willingly gave my blood to her & have willingly promised to her I would be devoted to her for eternity . However I am curious on how to sell my soul . I spoke to her about it today thru my pendulum . She pretty much told me to be wise about it & that she would help me find the right answers . Bc I need to make sure I will be with her in the underworld. Otherwise I’m not sure if it would be worth it . I must be with her if I am to "sell my soul ". I would love to hear your thoughts

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