Re: Is it ok to evoke you E.A.?

I know this is EAs q&a section, but part of the oaa lessons does involve an evocation of Eric.

Yeah, that came to my mind too. But I think it’d be rude to do so without his permission.

[quote=“Diazin, post:1, topic:7153”]Not for twisted stuff, but more to have a little talk and such…

Is it ok? Just curious, Im not really with that intent.[/quote]

In the Mastering Evocation course, he actually gives instructions on it while giving his astral name, how it would feel to him, how he’d answer, etc.

Interesting, might check that if I had that course.

I split this into here because it’s one of those topics people might want to weigh in on, and share experiences evoking each other or whatever. :slight_smile:

Grown-up mod mode off:

[quote=“Diazin, post:1, topic:7153”]Not for twisted stuff, but more to have a little talk and such…

Is it ok? Just curious, Im not really with that intent.[/quote]

Diazin, I love the way your first comment was “Not for twisted stuff”!

Like that’s obviously the first thing anyone would think, so, better clear that up right away… :wink:

Advance notice: if/when I evoke anyone from this site or forum, I’m dressing like this when I do it, just to shit y’all up:

And, it will TOTALLY be for twisted stuff…

I do believe in one of his videos he says you can go ahead and invoke him and he will have a conversation with you, but I think it would be more effective to simply buy a consultation.

@Lady Eva

Yeah, I found it’d be better to make that clear to start off, coz perhaps I myself seem a bit twisted… but thinking better, this is fucking balg, who here isnt at least bit?

Now talking serious, the only time I actually evoked someone with their consent, the person complaint of body ache during several days later, so this might be hurtful to some people to go under. If someone would be willing to evoke me, I left a sigil in a thread in this forum long time ago (ohhh ya gorgeous creature, vessel of the twisted goddess, Lady Eva, please do it, I beeeeeg).

I may try to evoke EA to a fish fry I’m having on the astral plane.

There’ll be plenty of ethereal catfish to go around.

True, but when do you expect Eric to actually come here and take the time to respond to questions? He is always so busy he never has time to answer anyone except for an occasional question that he picks from here and answers on his youtube channel so more people have a chance to see it. Last post I saw from Eric on here where he was just chit chatting was dated back to 2014 I believe?

When you have as many people wanting to speak to you as E.A. does, I’d say it’s literally impossible (time wise) to answer even half of the questions that are presented to you. So if it were me, I wouldn’t sit around waiting for permission to evoke him because you may never hear back from him. I would either go ahead and evoke him anyway and when he arrives just apologize for calling him unexpectedly (if you feel thee need to apologize) and state that you would’ve asked for permission but realize he is super busy and can’t always respond to others online, or try sending him a mental message or even using astral travel to connect with him and ask him permission that way.

You have a point Raven, but its not something Id do. I actually asked that out of curiosity.

I feel I should give out a warning here though. I have had some experiences with him as some spirits insisted I should know a bit more about him. I vamped a little bit of his energy and it was like a wild animal fighting for its survival. It wasnt scary for me, as Im used to deal with that kind of thing, but I had to spend some time to calm it down. My concern is that someone might try to evoke him without the necessary protocol and end up not being able to handle the situation, as he’s definetly not weak. I think Ive spoken of this on WF some time ago.

I think some people need to do it anyway, and get a real good Shilacken =) consider it endurance training.

Funny you should mention that Diazin, some spirits told me the same thing, that I should try to get to know more about Eric and how he operates and not by watching his videos on youtube or reading his books like I have already been doing, but by making a magickal connection with him.

Now, I have not done this yet because I am trying to figure out a good way to approach this. I don’t want to try to connect with Eric on a spiritual and psychic level unexpectedly (without his knowledge) and have him think I am trying to attack him or something. I will do a bit of brainstorming on how to approach this though, because some spirits have been urging me to connect with him too.

I don’t know if anyone from this forum has tried to evoke me before or connect with me on a psychic level but there have been quite a few times when someone’s username will pop into my mind and at first I shrug it off like, why am I thinking of this person? But then their name just keeps coming to my mind so I suddenly feel the urge to login into my account here and that person has sent me a message with details of a vision, prediction, dream, or tarot reading they had that concerned me. Or sometimes the person will message me and say a spirit urged them to tell me something or the spirit said “tell Raven to contact me”.

Very interesting! I know for some reason there are 3 members here that when they contact me I always know about it…always. As soon as they send me a message I swear they are also sending me some psychic persuasion like they’re trying to mentally urge me to log in here by using their thoughts because I just get a feeling that person has messaged me and when I log in, they have.

I won’t mention any names to avoid putting anyone in the spotlight but there are indeed 3 members here that I seem to connect with on a deeper level.

I believe you, Ive had this happen to me alot, although I did not know who was pming me until I check my inbox.

"Dear website owner; tried to eat a bit of you. It seemed pissed. Please explain?

Kind regards…"

The sheer surrealism of the stuff on this forum never fails to enchant me! :smiley:

Back to the overall topic, I evoked (with full permission and discussion in real-time before and after) a friend from here, successfully - but we had a bizarre argument a few days later and didn’t speak for several months.

I did wonder about some kind of clash of energy, or something.

Sp I’m going to put my Granny glasses on and advise, do readings first before evoking anyone - I didn’t in that situation because it never occurred to me it could cause a problem.

Lol, it was pretty much like that.

“Hey dude, chill out! Its just a tiny bit of you, you wont need it anyway…”

Jeez Diazin!! lol!!!

“Hello E.A., you don’t know me, but…”

I bet people who sell shoes online don’t get this!

Okay, juicy as it is, I’m done with the surrealism aspect for now…

Someone on here evoked me last year and ended up with a very sleepy me making very little sense - I’m still kind of pissed about it (and no I WON’T say who) since they could simply have ASKED ME what they wanted to know, but, it’s also quite funny.

So, I understand the whole permission thing, and want to turn this back onto the insecurities of the would-be evocator, that they need to get this person sanctioning, contributing, or justifying etc., and also, what do you HOPE they’ll say?

I invest a lot in trying to perfect myself and right now I have this psychotherapist I’m seeing who asks me, at the start of each call, what I need to get out of it - what do I hope he’ll say, validate, or give me permission for - etc.

It’s an amazingly liberating thing, and then he can challenge (or not) the congruity and rationality of my requests, but knowing what I’m going into the call WANTING, desiring, is - illuminating is probably the best word for it.

Those are great questions to bring to any human interaction, doubly so if you’re summoning someone’s actual soul up to answer questions for you.

You can probably run a simulacrum of them mentally that would be just as useful to you in most cases, and not at all intrusive towards them - I have a Virtual David Neagle for example who’s done wonders for me.

Sorry for the random ramblings, I’ve had a long week and a lot to think about. :slight_smile: