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Not Planning to work on this issue yet; but planning that down the way I will be needing to.

I already have had unlocked for me several past incarnations, the one before this ended in the Korean War; the very earliest was in the African continent and I have been given ‘about 44,000bce’.

I would like to hear peoples opinions and experiances if they care to share. I would like to get fuller data from them, mostly most all of them, so far most of the data surrounds my demises, not a lot having anything todo with my humdrum run of the mill daily life. Except for one when I was in middle kingdom Egypt- when I am in my downest and most worthless point- when I go back there- well I kinda wonder if I really wanna come back- very long deep- cleansing soothing sigh.

Thanks for listening, you’ll be hearing from me again. };)>

Interesting, that is what i have been struggling with the most…there were so many…in so many different places…but i mainly got this idea that i have always been a servant. Even though always close to those with power, i was always the one serving them. The one i experienced it better and the one i feel more connected too was somewhere around 3.000 B.C and in the Asiatic Continent.
Lived an entire life as a slave to a man who owned thousands of beautiful women. That man was very powerful and we travelled a lot. I feel a great connection with that part of the world and i haven’t been there on this lifetime.
Sumeria, Egypt, India, it is like i have travelled from somewhere around China always through the south near water, until the place where the " gypsies " had settled themselves after running from India. Somewhere like South Russia, Greece, somewhere in there…There was other though more ancient one in the other side of the world, or at least in a region that i do know it was not Europe or Asia, could’ve been Where is now Australia, but i have a great feeling it was in the American continent, i saw myself as a cave man, with really basic thoughts and very tribal. It is so friggin strange to experience all these lives…
I ran through already by what looks like at least some 50 or more lives…which appeared to be my own. Quite a strange feeling

I only remember dying, and that it was a beautiful thing. As long as I can remember I have been well aware that this life is not my first. Other than that I have no idea who or what I was.

How have ya’ll gone about finding info on your past lives? I want to try and see what I can learn from my last go around on his plane.

Thanks in advance.

It was shown to me so i could conclude why is this happening to me.
I have been shown several past lives, the history of the spirits with whom i am involved, some of mankind history and lately i have been shown someone else past life, to understand why i came to meet her from nowhere in this present life.

How do you find out about your past lives?

I’m curious as to your methods of verification. Using divination, trance states, etc., it is quite easy to access random memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. from a subject.

When you consciously enter into the field of consciousness, which is indeed a fifth dimension as tangible as height, depth, width, and time, you have complete access to all consciousness, and there really isn’t much distinction between your consciousness and my consciousness.

This is my main qualm with “past life” stories: how are you able to verify that these are your past lives, and not someone else’s?

I first asked myself this question while doing regression work with clients, and i noticed several women (and a couple of gay men) had once been Cleopatra. A lot of men were also figures like Jacques de Molay.

Have these souls fragmented over time into different bodies, or is it true that we are merely one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, and that after the death of the samsaric self, we are returned into the homogeneous one-ness, unless we consciously merge the Atman Sarup with the Samsaric identity?

I’d definitely love to hear about how you are verifying your experiences to be specifically yours!

Now, if you haven’t been able to verify these experiences, that’s fine. My question then is: what have they done for you? What benefit are these past life experiences? If we cannot verify and validate, at least we should be able to utilize them for some purpose, even if it is just an expansion of our awareness of our limitlessness.

In which case, I’d like to present a challenge: don’t just remember the past lives, but soul travel to them, until you are fully present. And then go back farther, beyond written history, into the wastelands, and beyond, deeper, deep into the jungles, and back farther, deeper, before life existed on this planet. Where were you? What were you? What incarnations predate the human species? How does it feel to be non-human? What can you do with this information?

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Here’s another thing, it appears ones atman can have a whole shitload of samsaric selves on the physical plane at once, most of these are not preserved though and are most likely discarded much like how EA says they are. So even if you have your samsaric self united, you may have other selves out there who have not done this yet, and maybe some who have. So its interesting to think about.

I’ve never heard this before, in all of my studies of Vedic cosmology. What are your sources for this?

I’ve never heard this before, in all of my studies of Vedic cosmology. What are your sources for this?

Unless, of course, you’re trying to combine the Many Universes theory with Vedic cosmology?[/quote]

I know i am not an expert on these matters but i know that i like to learn and i must say i have learned a lot this past year. One of the things that really made me understand a huge part of all of this, was being given the ability to see who i am, why i am here and why did i asked for what i asked from this " entity "…
I saw myself in different times of humankind, i did saw earth like you said E.A. with no humankind. Before life existed on this planet. Mostly i know that what i saw was me, because of just that, soul travel. I lived those moments so lively and vividly that it kind of freaked me out a bit but after i realized what it was, i started looking at it as a good chance of finding out some great answers for some important things, so it happened. I became fully aware of who i have been, what was there before it, what has come to ( now ) and what may probably will be. With finding that out, other things also came too…

I’ve never heard this before, in all of my studies of Vedic cosmology. What are your sources for this?

Unless, of course, you’re trying to combine the Many Universes theory with Vedic cosmology?[/quote][/quote]

Check out Sinister Yogis by David Gordon White. Gaining the ability to incarnate as multiple people at once USED to be one of the definitive notions of what yoga/magic WAS until later devotional schools came along. The idea was to actually start doing this while you were here on earth - creating new people to incarnate as, taking possession of young people who die and reanimating them, or taking forced possession of the living. This was once understood to be a capability of any advanced magician or divine entity.

The achievement here is not just immortality, but the ability to work as multiple people to accomplish a wider variety of tasks and maintain and expand your ability to work on the physical plane.

Being one with the All doesn’t just mean being able to create something from nothing, but also being able to bud off into new Samsaric identities. (These, of course, have the potential to develop and bud off themselves.)

The idea is still around, but it’s kept an open secret. If anybody’s a fan of Twin Peaks, this is what Bob was - a black magician who achieved immortality by taking possession of multiple people at once. A lot of Lynch’s work uses “surrealism” so he can talk about shit like this out in the open and just not spell it out verbally.

If you want to explore this area, you should definitely talk to Lucifer.

Excellent! I ordered it just now.

When you are dealing with Atman, you’re not just dealing with an individual soul, as the Christian paradigm understands it, as there really is no separation between the Source and the Atman.

As I’m putting together the Mastering Soul Travel Training Course, this is an interesting paradox to examine. As an individual, you are going on this ride of self-discovery, and gaining full access to Atman. As you do so, you realize that you can simultaneously become All Things… not just a cluster of “incarnations,” but that Atman is universal. Therefore, I am incarnated as you, as Sunas, as Mike the plumber, and as every person alive, just as you are incarnated as me, him, her, and everyone else.

The key seems to be in taking this philosophy and applying it to your own experience, which is what I think I was trying to get at by asking about the verifiablility of past incarnations, or at least the experiential value of the experiences.

In the moment that I recognize that I am simultaneously incarnated in every individual in existence, I can begin to solidify that and utilize it.

There is no objective reality. All is maya, which is created in each moment by observation.

So how would one go about possessing another person?

I’ve never heard this before, in all of my studies of Vedic cosmology. What are your sources for this?[/quote]

It’s something that came to me during a shamanic circle. Those things can be really good for finding out information about pretty much anything.

Awesome thread. I cannot verify a hundred percent, but I have had completely inexplicable dreams of lives from the vietnam era back. Long before I had ever seen movies with those themes either. Something Ive wondered about for a while now…

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