Re: evoking spirits in a brass vessel

after reading so much what if i summon spirits and capture into a brass vessel and seal it just like king solomon did

Why would you want to seal them for a start? 1) they are much more likely to work with you if you respect them and treat them as equals -in a manner of speaking. 2) you’re gonna have a fun time trying to seal a spirit into a vessel that it doesn’t want to go into lol. Remember, Solomon may have used spirits to build his empire, but he used divine names to threaten spirits into working for him -notice the word “for” not “with”.

Instead just go and evoke the spirit you want and learn from it that way, rather than sealing it into a vessel. Later on -if you’re both comfortable and have agreed on an outcome, you can bind spirits to objects such as rings, amulets or whatever.

i want to capture all my dead family bloodline and much more to learn from them

Attempting to capture your ancestors against their will is likely to have extremely negative consequences for you.

If you want to work with them, first learn evocation to the point where you can communicate with the spirit summoned and get reliable results, then summon Buné - respectfully and politely - and ask her to grant you access to the wisdom of your ancestors.

Maybe E.A. would have a different suggestion if you hired him, I don’t know what he does or anything about his methods, but that’s my advice, based on what’s worked for me and has given me back regular contact with my deceased parent, among other things.

Anyone who has lost a parent that they loved will understand what that means, and while I had contact of sorts, that was with different “aspects” like the Higher Self - this is a resurrection body and is the actual person, animated by the same oversoul.