Re: 19th April Blood Sacrifice

[quote=“Ferunt, post:1, topic:7528”]The same date of the Temples of Baal going up coincides with a major occult festival and also the collapse of the US dollar as the worlds oil trading currency. This will lead to the collapse of the dollar and in turn cause riots due to food shortages.

So EA, do you think thus will happen and if so, is it the Aeon of Aquarius from Book of Revelation and the thousand year rule of Luciferianism, the NWO?[/quote]

That new world order is about to get wrecked.

A divine order is about to return, including the integration of both the angelic and demonic, as one, as in reality they are both crucial functional parts of any being in the cosmos on the path of cosmic mastership.

Grounding the hga - holy guardian angel though is a crucial step

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I have long lost hope in people who sprout dates of cataclysmic events and paradigm shifts. They have almost always been wrong.

Don’t give up hope, just because no one seems to be able to predict it doesn’t mean you won’t get one. And then we get to see that there are always cataclysmic events and paradigm shifts etc. Happening there could be an earthquake I’m Japan next week and then the Republicans take back the presidency on election day. Given the frequency of earthquakes in Japan and the fact that we have a 2 party system I have a 50/50 chance of being right about both. Cheers!

Yeah, while your in Japan make sure to save as much Anime as you can before anything like that happens =) FYI the Pope hates anime…