RE: 12 Classic Signs You've Been CURSED - Help!

Hey guys,

I decided to take a break from magic to see how my life was going to unfold without it and I came to the conclusion that a lot had to do with where I am living. You know LA/Hollywood can be a very shitty place in terms of how people behave here, not people in general but where I was hanging out so yeah, I had to see that for myself first and understand that it wasn’t something like I was doing magic wrong.

Now with this being said, E.A. completely fucking nailed in this last email he sent of being cursed. I think I’ve had that question most of my life because I’ve had to overcome and I still am overcoming tons of shit daily. Honestly, I haven’t met someone that had to go such a hard path as I have in terms of constant life challenges in multiple areas of my life.

Anyways, the point of this post is because for 6 months now I’ve been trying to overcome the situation that I am in at the moment, and like E.A. said not only are you running out of money, your relationships are hurting, my computer got water over it and completely broke, I just got hired for a day in a job that I hated because my “legal docs” werent right. I am behind my rent. The funny thing is what E.A. said it doesn’t matter if you are working 10 times harder there is still nothing you can do about. And this is exactly where I’ve been. Like I’ve been devoted on changing this and no matter how many hours I’ve put into this, how much pain I’ve been going through, life is just not giving me a fucking break and I am sick of this shit.

Now, I know I am not cursed based on what E.A. said, he said there was a small chance of this happening, I think of it all the time but basically my life has been a struggle for as long as I have memory so yeah, I think is just that I had a shitty environment where I was living and a piece of shit subconscious programming that has taken me my entire energy and devotion for changing it.

Now, with this being said. I am tired of this fucking situation where I am at the moment. This job for the day showed me that I HATE doing things I dont like doing especially being paid peanuts for it. I HATE not being able to do the things I want to do and honestly I am sick and tired of this shit.

I am just going to run my own business that I am passionate about and get my income from there and get the money that I need to do the things I love.

My question to you guys is to anybody that has overcome this with the help of magic. Do I have to like lose everything and go homeless go without food go without anything before I can change my life or what the fuck? Or can a sigil actually help me turn this situation right now.

I’ve been doing evocation for a week now and I’ve been using the magic square for money that is in the companion book and Halah’thor for turning this shit around but so far I haven’t got any results yet. I’ve also been using Mepisthal to help me gain spiritual abilities so that I can full evoke spirits.

Honestly I feel them, I hear them and I see them inside my mind, like if I see the scrying mirror I see foggy white on it. But usually when I evoke spirits my eyes just roll upwards and I start having a good solid communication with them. But those this guarantees me results or do I have to actually see them in the scrying mirror? Which sigils do you recommend me to get me out of this shitty financial situation that I am in?

Thank you guys as always :wink:

I am in a bad financial situation myself, so I feel where you’re coming from, but one thing that may be holding back the results you are seeking, is your desperation and worry. When you hand the situation over to a spirit, you MUST LET GO of it. Stop worrying about when it is going to happen, and trust that it WILL happen. Your worry and anxiety draws energy away from the change you are trying to make, and creates exactly what you are worrying about. After dismissing the entity, let it do its work, and you do whatever you can on the physical plane to help. Think of it like handing it over to your best friend. You would trust this person to help you, so when he says he will, you believe him. That’s the attitude you must take with spirits. It is very difficult but you must do it if you want to succeed. And no, you do not have to see the spirits in the scrying mirror to see results. I have had results with no manifestation at all. And yes, sigils can help, but again, you must be able to LET GO.

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Clauneck for your finances. Worked with him before, and I definitely recommend him.

Communication with an entity you instinctively know is there is the most important thing.

A sigil can actually help you here. Try Clauneck’s.

One Ritual, One Entity, One Purpose- do one ritual for one aspect of your life.

Law of certainty- if you don’t have full knowledge that it WILL (underline that, bold that, MAKE IT IMPORTANT) work, it won’t.

Oh, and never move away from magick. It’s much too worthwhile to just stop.

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Hey guys,

Thank you for the feedback.

I already did the sigil work with Clauneck, so thank you for that.

So when do you decide to work or contact with a particular spirit you are working with again?

After the working has yielded results.

Exactly. I think most people can empathize with most of the classic symptoms, especially if you are new to magic and no formal training, you dont get the ritual right and you see, hear, feel and sense a bunch of different energies around, or at least I do.
It also depends on how you would generally handle your day to day affairs and emergencies.
Really, step back and look at it from a logical and detached view, do the symptoms still exist? Yes? Do something about it then.

Last year I was broke as a joke, and prayed to the kings, and prayed to god and used a square, and then an amazing thing happened. I let it all go, after doing my due diligence. Then got a great paying job. So now I still see my old same habits.

Until you change those, you will continually be in a cursed state of mind. Free yourself from that.

I dont or cant say that curses arent out there, but we all need to double check everything first before flying off the handle in an emotional tailspin, that wont help at all. If you are in fact displaying all the symptoms after doing everything you can do, then … turn it around for you and you alone.


environment is important. i have said it often that what’s around you is as important as what’s within you.

well now you have. pleased to meet you.

ok so you have bad vibes all around you and money problems. gotcha.

you hit the nail right on the head. you’re doing magick in an area of incredible spiritual pollution.

good then it sounds like you’re ready to make a change.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. you have stated your desire.

it can but sometimes a situation needs you to do multiple things rather than just one. keep at it and sharpen up your focus a bit

those spirits operate outside of your desire. halah’thor traps souls. mepsitahl builds psychic ability. what do either of those things have to do with your desire to remove shitty energy from around you or to make money? not a whole hell of a lot. for all you know halah’thor and mepsitahl are both doing a bang-up job for you. but they’re fixing what ISN’T a problem for you. meanwhile, what IS a problem is STILL a problem.

solution: match the spirit you call mor carefully to the problem you have.

you have two desires: one to end negativity, and another to move toward wealth. right off the top i’d recommend you make the 3rd and 7th pentacles from the greater key of solomon. the 3rd to remove bad vibes and the 7th to combat poverty, and do a ritual with both of those seals on the same day.

then later in the same day i recommend you draw either the 1st or 4th pentacles of jupiter, and then do a rite for gaining $.

if you do these two things then inbox me and i’ll give you something else to follow up on this.

if you try anything else, good luck.

the importance though, is in you picking the right spirit to fix the problem, and then following through with the magick.

the guns work fine! you need to aim them better.

don’t put so much stock into actually seeing the spirits. if you feel them around you, they’re there. keep in mind that the human eye can only take in a small amount of light from the electromagnetic spectrum. the spirits are THERE. you just can’t pick up on that because of human limits. if you call them they come. if you speak they listen. get your trance and share your desire and do not doubt for the doubter shall obtain nothing.

again the 3rd and 7th pentacles of jupiter to keep the wolves at bay, and either the 1st or 4th pentacles of jupiter to bring in money, along with some lesser magick if you want some followup i can share with you what i mean.

if you don’t know how to work the greater key of solomon, check the lesson at hoodoo hill, which shows you exactly what you have to do. you’ll need candles, frankincense/myrrh incense, your pentacle. your skrying mirror may be useful as well. either way, the link is (


Me2, but i just let go,walking in freezing temperatures,i mean 12-20, below cero suks,or holy shoez,not moneu 4 rent,etc,i just pull good troughts,pray to mamon,enn,i was fuckup,a magivian poor? 3 things,tnk ya are weatlthy,2, improve ya situation / behavior,3 dnt do a wealth spell yet,instead,do rituals to open door,blessings,after,2-3 rifuals,do a money spell,also safurn,is good to move obstacles,oh yea,in my job,tey raisin me,almost $ 3 buks, i was hapy,

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