Raziel's Paths of Power? (Jareth Tempest)

Anyone here have experience with this book? Seems interesting but not sure if it would be worth it right now.

I like it. Now I do the pathworking for Archangel Raziel that’s in the book about once every day. I get a good vibe from it.

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Yes, an underrated book. I have found the pathworking to be highly effective and the Angels very responsive. I requested healing for a friend from the Angel Rehawel of an infection, it was accomplished overnight. I did a pathworking to the Angel Yechuel for a manifestation of a reasonable desire. I got a response within 24 hours.


There is a group on facebook related to GoM works and Jareth is in it. People reported successes when using the pathworkings, he has some for goetic demons and other spirits as well.

For me, the internal alchemy worked fast. But I stopped using the book