Raziel contact, possibly?

I have been doing this Ben Woodcroft ritual to meet Raziel. I want help to learn magick. Anyway, I have been doing it for about 4 days and last night something showed up.

The whole area changed. It felt heavier, like maybe I was stoned (on marijuana) but without confusion or disorientation or dulling of the senses. So it had a heavy feel without any intoxication. It was a little eerie. Not frightening, just weird. It all went away after I closed the ritual.

Does this sound legitimate? I have only been interested in magick for about 4 months. I do the Cabbalistic Cross and Middle Pillar daily but with the exception of last night I have never had any success with magick that I am aware of.

Its pretty exciting. Does this sound legit or is it likely I am just imagining things.


Yes that’s a form of a presence! Congrats!

Far out.
Woodcroft’s book told me to tell the angel what I wanted, so I did.


What is the next step? I will have to get out the book again but I am pretty sure he did not say if this is something you do night after night (I do my workings at night, after my day job is done). Or if it is a once and done kind of thing.

I am burning a candle for Raziel now, I put some intent into it, scratched his name into the side along with why I am thankful that he came and that he will help me learn. My assumption is that if he bothered to come it is because he intends to help, otherwise why come. Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, it seemed like the right thing to do.

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Hmm…interesting to see Raziel’s name pop up. I’ve been thinking about him lately :thinking:

What book did you use?

Angelic Sigils, Keys, and Calls
142 Ways To Make Instant Contact With Angels and Archangels
by Ben Woodcroft

It certainly seems to work, something very different happened about the 4th time I did the ritual.

It is a pretty simple ritual too.
I did the Qabbalistic Cross, LRP, Middle Pillar, then the ritual - that is the formula I followed.

Mr Woodcroft did not mention anything about the first part, the Cabbalistic Cross, LRP, and Middle Pillar, I did that on my own. I just thought it would be the best way to get ready for a ritual, so I did it.
I am hoping that because I contacted him once he will interact with me again and that it will be a sort of bridge or gateway into the spiritual realm to meet other entities.

But I don’t want to piss him off by calling him too much. So I don’t know what is a friendly gesture and what is a pain in the ass when it comes to archangel types. Anybody know the protocol to follow in a situation like this.


You may see rainbow colored light appear nearby when Raziel visits you, because his electromagnetic energy corresponds to the rainbow frequency on angel light rays.

Virtue says in Angels 101 that Raziel has a rainbow-colored aura, and Gregg says in Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters that Raziel’s whole presence is a colorful one:

“A beautiful yellow aura emanates from his tall form. He has large, light blue wings, and wears a robe of a magical gray material that looks like swirling liquid.”

One of the key signs of Raziel’s presence is an increased ability to perceive information outside of your physical senses. Since Raziel delights in revealing the universe’s mysteries to people, you may notice that your extrasensory perception (ESP) grows stronger when Raziel visits you, say believers.

In their book, The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever , Stewart Pearce and Richard Crookes write:

“When we bring Raziel into our lives through gentle praise and petition, when we are present to the magical sensitivity of this angel, we also begin to feel the power of the mysteries seeping through us. They quicken our lives, creating extrasensory sensitivity, and a revivification of our psychic gifts. Thereby, telepathy, remote viewing, awareness of the elemental forms of life, observation of the air and land contours created by the key lines of the planetary matrix, and awareness of the melding nature of the space-time continuum begin to occur.”

Author Doreen Virtue writes in her book, Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels, that Raziel “heals spiritual and psychic blocks and helps us with dream interpretations and past life memories.”

Raziel’s messages through ESP may come to you in a variety of different ways, depending on which of your physical senses he communicates with spiritually. Sometimes Raziel sends images through the type of ESP called clairvoyance, which involves seeing visions in your mind. Raziel may also communicate with you through clairaudience, in which you’ll hear his message in an audible way. This means receiving knowledge through sounds that come from beyond the physical realm. Other ways you may sense Raziel’s messages through ESP are clairalience (receiving spiritual information through your physical sense of smell), clairgustance (tasting something even though it’s not coming from a physical source), and clairsentience (which involves either perceiving spiritual information through your physical sense of touch, or receiving knowledge by feeling the emotion of it in your body).



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I don’t think there’s such a thing as calling a spirit too much? if they begin to see it as codependent they’ll usually communicate that somehow like pushing you to be more independent, but it’s like, parental almost. they’d always rather you call than wish you had

Doesnt mean they cant get p*ssed off… if say abusing the situation or being selfish…however they dont lose time, as it doesnt define them. So, no lost time… unlimited patience.

Like oyu say, probably end up with another ‘lesson’ to guide you better

Archangel Raziel has lots of knowledge specifically on magickal wisdom I think, but im not sure, I do remember of a book called the Sefer Raziel Hamalakh, which is sort of a grimoire i think, but again, not sure

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