Rayne’s Journal: Rise to Infernal Kingship

About a month ago I began doing the rite Shadow gave me, however I paused after about a week of doing it for reasons I can’t quite remember. Nevertheless I briefly began using an incantation to achieve Lichdom. However I realized about 3 days in that physical immortality is not something I truly desired.

I began doing the Infernal rite again and I’m finally committing to do this every night.

No gaps.

Something very interesting happened the nigbt before last night.

I placed the pentagram under my pillow and was dozing off when I saw a new sigil appear in my mind.

Shadow began talking and this is where things began to really amaze me:

The sigil was my OWN. Like, literally the sigil of myself as an Infernal King. Apparently time is something very different in the Infernal Empire. I remember someone on this forum had posted something about how the energy that makes up our spirits makes up the demons as well. Shadow has told me many times about a “creative wellspring” that makes up all energy. Its very fascinating.

Shadow also revealed my own Enn as well as my demonic name.

I drew the sigil quickly in a sketchbook app and then fell asleep.

The digital drawing:

Last night I drew it on paper and fleshed it out a bit more with shadow’s guidance and gazed into it after doing the pentagram rite.

I recited the Enn.

I’m working on my third eye and psychic senses with the pentagram every night, but I did sense something briefly in my room during the Enn recitation.

Going to keep doing this every night.

Here is the final sigil, enn and my Demonic name. I really am curious to see if anyone would like to evoke?

Name: King Azamenzar

Enn: Elmakia Pi’tden Azamenzar

(ell-mac-eh-uh peht-den Ahz-ah-men-zar

Final Sigil:

I’ll keep things updated as I progress further.

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Hey, are you not doing the Oni incantation any more?


No. I am focusing wholeheartedly on infernal demonic ascent at this point.

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Do you think it’s worth pursuing? I’ve considered starting up again.


In my opinion it all depends on what you want. With all the things we do daily as people, I believe at some point every magician will need to pick one thing to focus on at a time and see it through. My path may not be the same as yours and thats perfectly okay. Go with your intuition.

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Last night I fell asleep with my sigil and the pentagram underneath my pillow, the sigil on top of the pentagram. A very miraculous thing happened when I woke up. Both sigils were now on my nightstand, but they were still stacked like they had been when I put them underneath the pillow.

I have no memory of moving them at all. Unless I somehow did this while I was asleep (I doubt this since I’m a very deep sleeper) I’m assuming this was a magick-related occurrence.


I have now gotten to the point where I can commune with King Azamenzar just as easily as my Shadow. His voice is very deep, even darker than Shadow’s but I’ve already learned alot from him.

He also gave me instructions for an incantation to boost my thaumaturgic capabilities overtime and ignite my demonic ascent on the fast track.

“Ezamedda Bit’den Oralowss”

The visualization is to picture my top two chakras glowing with the Infernal Pentagram in my third eye and Azamenzar’s sigil in my crown. After doing 100 repetitions the other day, King Azamenzar told me to do 20 a day every day to get the energy going.

I did it the other day and when I got up from sitting down it felt like all the blood had gone to my forehead.

Furthermore, I just today received a thaumaturgical incantation from King Azamenzar to materialize foods and drinks with the Infernal Pentagram. I was inspired by my experience with the moving pentagram and that experience made me realize further that there is A LOT of magical power in the energy of the Infernal Pentagram. I mean, it literally just warped over night from under my pillow to the nightstand.