Raw Power

Having done this for a while, it is always a challenge in a fun way, and immensely gratifying to do rituals, and encounter the results of one’s labors. Personally this generally entails evocation, or crafting my own spells which yield synchronicities, which seem almost precisely to the script of my conscious desire (I tend to prefer synchronicity as a term to Crowley’s definition, as his definition of magick can be just walking down the street; also, I find it a leap to assume a causal relationship when utilizing such techniques ).

This however, does not feel like enough. I also have a fascination with stage magic; not so much all illusions, but interesting feats such as levitation and the like. I suppose where both magick and magic meet are both utilize a sort of sleigh of mind and perception, exploiting openings and blindspots in the human psyche. While magick utilizes this to exert control over one’s reality, magic utilizes it to exert control over the audience’s perception…Both seem to utilize a sort of hypnosis.

Initially I wanted to ask here where the two merge or if one could utilize magick for raw physical augmentation of one’s body, reality and the laws of the mind itself as we experience them. Of course what I suggest here would not be the utilization of illusions like magic of the stage type. Is there a point where through one’s practice one really could levitate, or move objects as though one were using telekinesis? Are there spirits one can contact whom one can either contract with for gross physical feats of power, or be there techniques, methods by which one either creates one’s own means of enchanting one’s self or utilizes other intelligence by which to do this.

It is easy at first glance to criticize what I am asking as fantasy magic, but surely there have to be some place where the use of real ceremonial, chaos, or evocation magick can really give u the power to exert physical effects on one’s environment in REAL TIME…Or would it be something none who acquire such would talk about, for sharing such would to a degree, were such a thing possible, I imagine be too much of a disruption to the status quo.

While poltergeist activity or rather the physical effects of evocation and conjurations without banishing does seem to cause strange noises, objects to kinda move, and bizarre happenstances, it seems not enough unless one can consciously control it. If there are spirits one can do such with, i would be interested to know who they are.

Even more than these entities doing the work behind the scenes for one, are there spirits or beings who can teach you how to do such. No gimmicks, or illusions of mass perceptual blindness to convince people one is doing it either…I have no interest whatsoever in performing stage magic although it is amusing to watch…I suppose what I seek here is raw power (no one’s business why to be brutally honest, nor is it ever wise to share intentions over social media) . It need not be constrained to moving objects, hell, if i could turn water to wine or do anything even remotely considered miraculous, i think i would be on the right track to my goal.

I suppose there is a need for a power much more raw, dense, something between the physical and non physical. I’m sure its out there (albeit not mainstream…for obvious reasons…and the absurdity of this question becomes apparent to me for that reason but I suppose I have to ask anyway)…Surely some of you have wondered such things as well? Or have wanted much more…much much more!

Is there any real direction to seeking a much more physical level of power (beyond using on’e body ) or is this it to magick, and anything else out there stage magick and trickery? I say none of this to disrespect either craft, both are arts and amazing in their own right…but there has to be more right???I’m fairly sure such power couldn’t merely be unlocked by meditating alot and using one’s mind???