Raum Experiences (How effective is he?)

Finally working up the courage to work with the 72 Goetia Spirits, rather than starting with King Paimon (Though I might actually do it on the 30th of April-May 1st, depending on my schedule), I’ve decided to go with Earl Raum, since my need for money appears to be greater than my need for power. So, I’m curious about his ability to steal money from someone else, like how fast is he at this, because I do need money quick, so I figure why not screw over my dickhead neighbors since they’re still being dicks towards me and my family. So, yeah this Saturday, I thought of why not go to him with my request for money and maybe Telepathy, because I got my info on him from this page:


So yeah, anyone here can help out? Like does anyone here have experience with him, and asked him for this specific request? I was thinking of either Raum or Shax (maybe both?) so yeah, open to recommendations.

In personal experiences Raum seems like the older brother who teases you. I don’t work with him, just communicate with him. He teased me a lot, before I made contact with him. NOT a “playful” spirit, but despite what other pages say about him he’s not that scary. He teased me for a while, because I was afraid of him. Due to sites saying his “hate” for humans can make him dangerous. But he’s pretty chill. I don’t really ask him for anything, and I don’t “work” with him, he comes and goes and we chat.