Raum demon on business vampyrism

So I’ve begun working with raum and have even made a pact with him. I’ve notice money magick in general is open ended in intent and the source of the money can come from Anywhere. This can be troublesome to those that don’t have an opportunity to make money. I work in sales now and provide a service that is a solution to people’s issues. If I cast money magick and there’s little to no demand for the service the. It won’t come or wait to come.

My workings with azazel has brought me to Raum. While it was told to me with words the idea that: “Raum can creat destruction in peoples lives to need my service and bring those people to me for a sale”, kept sticking in my head. My pact has raum using destructive magick and bringing it to me to turn into money.

This is still in progress’s but every part of my creative magical mind has confirmed that not only was this a good choice, but also better than an ambiguous money spell like “Bune bring me money for rent” lol. This way I’m actually creating the NEED via destruction.

What does everyone think?

Ps: this is sort of baneful, but keep in mind it won’t destroy their lives. Just a need for my service is all.


How has this been working so far? I’m thinking of approaching him due the same since my business is based on other’s misfortunes.

One of Raum’s day for celebrations if anyone interested is November 30th

Hail Notammargartet!

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