Rastafari and voodoo

Dumb question, but how do they get along?

What do you mean how they get along ?

Well, like I said, this may be a dumb question. But from what I’ve read, rastafari is an “Abrahamic Religion.” Abrahamic religions aren’t generally not magic friendly. However, I may be wrong in this case.

Actually Christian text has a ton of reference to mysticism and encourages the good parts of it

Good parts as in if it comes from their god.

Yup , like google the Bible verse “ I spoke to my Holy One in vision “

Well. The loa don’t have issues with me working with djinn still, but I mean… ask if your able, I did. The other thing is if you dig deep you’ll find the roots to voodoo in Nigeria, Egypt etc. I know there are a few sects with slightly different habits, but several of the spirits predate those as far as I can find so far. I’m afraid I’ll never find the exact starting point but hell, I’m bent on trying.

Rastafari is mainly Jamaican, in Jamaica voodoo is not so popular in contrary to obeah. But from the Rastafari perspective, according to my knowledge, obeah (and anything similar) is to be banish and punish. Obeahmans are perceived as dealing with devil (same as christian looks at witches in the reneissance). But you can find stories about some famous Dubmans that used obeah to become famous…

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So much for one love one heart.

Always felt those love oriented religions were hypocritical.