Rare white dog symbolism

So my man has gotten this dog a little before we got back together and I can’t help but think he’s some sort of angel that watches over us . He is very exotic looking . He has two colors in each eye . A lot of brown at the top in his right eye with a little blue at the bottom and his left eye is opposite. And he’s allll white, with very sweet mannerisms. Any thoughts on this ?

Hiya OP! People tend to mistake colors as indicators of elemental energy, when really, the esoteric is just a language of describing energy- so his eyes at least would be more telling of a perfect harmony between stability and flexibility to his spiritual qualities. White dogs are moon-dogs, cousins of the Hecatean witch-dogs, and adapt most to individual physical or spiritual input; they’re like Mirror dogs of their owners. Sounds to me like an incarnation of your relationship! :slight_smile:

Last night I took my dog out for a walk in the field down the street.

I felt a presence glaring at us.

It was a large white dog with no owner. Staring, for what was 60 seconds. Then, he started pacing and barking. It was so bizarre. The more I stared, the more challenged he felt.

I said to myself “shouldn’t he be black?”

It felt like an omen. But I haven’t thought much of it.