Everything you know about Raphael?Experiences?


He’s the angel that specializes in healing and he likes the color green!




Based on that, he wants his sevrices to be available to people who don’t do full-on evocations and has no problems working with someone who hangs out with demons.


If you haven’t worked with angels before they pretty much always have a “fuck you attitude” just an FYI but you never know you could be special :wink:


I never experienced this… they seem pretty chill, but that’s just me.

Who knows tho, since they are spirits, and they can have personalities just like we do.

Maybe you just contacted an annoyed angel? :grin:


The “Divine physician” I believe is one of his aliases


I think that may just be towards you. I know that they don’t really like those who work with demonic influences all that much, but they will still work with you in most cases if you have a good reason for them to help you.

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The truth is that they don’t care whatever you work with.

There is a law they follow, which is: Whensoever a mortal call you, you must answer them.


I can say from experience, Raphael is super dope. He healed me almost instantly, on numerous occasions, from various ailments. And he is also great to talk to and gives great advice.


They do seem to care to an extent, not enough to stop working with you, but there is some disinterest there.

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To care to an extent, yes. And that care is there when an ignorant is working with a demon misleading him. Not by just working with a demon.

I have an holy guardian angel who doesn’t kick against me calling on the goetic spirits at all.

I see no disinterest so long there is no profaneness in working with the demons.

Even with that, when summoned they just come to do their thing, careless of how one live his / her life.

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the ‘holy guardian angel’ is neither holy, a guardian, or an angel.

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Lol you think i am referring to what people here and there termed holy guardian angel termed as HGA? I’m not into that. I don’t even know how they work it.

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Before you talk about it, make sure you know about it.

I’m not a follower or student of E.A as 85 % here are, nor a reader of his books. I have no human teacher. And I’m not a practitioner of Dark art.

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Assuming I’m a left hand practitioner or someone who follows EA Koetting’s word alone is your first mistake. Your second mistake was when you implied that I am less knowledgeable than I actually am. I’ve teachers both human and spirit, and I deal in matters of light and dark as well as the very cosmos themselves. I also have the currents of several archangels bound together running through me at all times. So check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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It’s you who judge what you don’t know.

I never said anything like this.

I didn’t assume anything but I’m just telling ya just so you know where I fall. I’m not among the birds in the sky.

These bore me.

However, don’t quickly give a conclusion on something by your own knowledge or view of it, saying the holy guardian angel isn’t holy bla bla bla…

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Is there an enn for Raphael that can be used as a chant or are inns only associated with deamons?

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Hello, many angels have psalms which you can use to call them, though for the archangels it’s better to use some specific Divine and angelic names to call upon them. If you feel drawn to the archangels, I’d suggest the book Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. It describes the powers of the archangels, and contains sigils and words of power for calling upon them in various different ways.

While I would highly recommend getting the book, you can form a connection to them without too much effort. You can make your own sigil by drawing two circles, one within the other so that they form a ring. Within the inner circle, draw a hexagram (six-pointed star, two triangles). Within the outer ring, write the tetragrammaton יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH)‬ however many times feels right to you. Within the center of the hexagram, write the name Raphael in Hebrew רָפָאֵל (you don’t need the pronunciation marks).

The angels typically don’t have seals like Goetic demons, instead you just write their name (sort of like using runes in Norse magick, to my knowledge). This sigil will work, but if you would like to form a stronger connection to the archangels and learn more about their powers, again I’d suggest the book. As for any words of power, I can’t give away what’s in the book, but if you open the ritual by saying NAH-KAH EE-AH-OH-EH three times, that will suffice for this basic calling. The angels like it when you sing their names as well, so that would help (pronounced RAH-FAH-ELL btw).

And because I saw this mentioned earlier in the thread, the angels definitely do not mind if you also work with demons. I’ve even had angels suggest demons to me for a particular situation, and demons have suggested angels. The idea that there is a conflict between angels and demons is one created by religion, not occult reality. You are free to explore all parts of the universe without issue.

The archangel Metatron, highest of all archangels, guided me to work with Lucifer so that I may have a more balanced practice and generally be a more balanced being. Hard to believe, I know, but through my experiences with magick I’ve come to see the value to be found in both Light and Shadow. Why choose only one, when you can have the power of both?

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Enns are only for demons. They originate from the practice of demonolatry.

Chanting Raphael’s name is sufficient to call upon him for healing. See Lady Eva’s post above.

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