Raphael and the connection with Canada and French

Hi, last night I called Raphael to come into my dreams and heal my body as my addictions are getting way out of control. And I played Raphael music on YouTube and went to sleep and the video was over 3 hours. I dreamt that a girl probably in early 30s kept saying something related to Canada and French. It must have lasted for a while because I was rolling over on my bed unable to sleep.

I know lots of guys have Raphael name in France and I never had any fascination with Canada or France. And I studied geography in school so I know French is spoken in some parts of Canada.

Could someone tell why Canada and French?

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I have no idea, but this would be my thought-process if it happened to me, I’ll share quickly fwiw:

  1. addiction is various kinds of thing that have manifested physically by locking you into craving-reward pathways, so it has its claws into the densest realm and can usefully be addressed here as well as by insight, meditation, energy healing – French Canadians are “real” phsyical things

  2. is this telling you there could be a remedy in something to do with French Canadian-somethingness

  3. if this exists, the main thing about cultures that can be adopted is food, and nutrition and addiction can be linked, good nutrition can lessen cravings and increase energy levels, and by doing this, boost your ability to replace addictions with something else

  4. that would lead me (faster than it takes to type or read this!) to French Canadian cuisine, and if this sound like a leap, it’s the type I have taken a lot, with useful results for me and other people, even pets.

So I did a search and found these:

It could be that regulating your blood-sugar by changing the amount or (perhaps more likely) frequency at which you eat starchy food will help. But against that, you could just have dreamed of flying potatoes with angel wings. Still, might be worth thinking if you could adjust your macronutrients slightly in some way (and that won’t necessarily be the mnost fashionable ones).

Maybe there’s something common to one of more of these foods, a trace nutrient, you would benefit from? Spirits are pretty amazing like that sometimes, and usually make sure the clues are easy to find.

In which case searching the food name/s that catch your eye, and the term “rich in” and things should turn up result, if you wade through the usual hyper-opinionated internet crap.

Also, try thinking, what’s the first image that comes into your mind thinking about French Canadian things in general? If it’s Mounties, maybe horse riding lessons (if available near you) will be a break fro routine and a new passion and high, with just the right amount of risk involved.

Just sharing how I’d get started with something like this, ymmv. :+1:


I could not have even started along this thought process… you sure are an amazing lady :smiley:

I will do research, thanks so much.

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@Lady_Eva I got an offer on my phone on the ticket for Cirque du Soleil, the theatre group from Canada! May be Raphael wants me to go ask them :rofl:

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Maybe you’ll get swept off your feet by a hot trapeze star? :smiley:

Or become intrigued, and become a circus performer yourself, with no time or interest for old unhealthy things…

Anyway, certainly seems like it’s linked. :+1:

LOL, wouldn’t I love that, a cute girl with rubber body and who can help me with French!

Not happening but I can take their diet and workout tips :sunglasses:

Yes certainly seems so, I knew that the group was coming couple of months back but totally forgot about it. Raphael dude has some sense of humour and timing.

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