Rap/hip-hop/soul/R&B and it's relation to the lhp

My main use for magick today is related to the music career I dream of (but is it a dream if there’s no possiblity of it not happening :joy::joy:) anyway I listen to mainly r&b and rap and I noticed a very lhp point of view. Does anyone see this and if so please elaborate. I’m making this to see what everyone thinks


I like rap (I listen to mostly overseas artists though). A lot of LHP attitude can be found in rap lyrics. Good rap is like poetry in both message and execution, and there’s a lot of rap lyrics about living life to the fullest. I guess the “screw authorities” message is also a rather LHP thing to say.


I read this title and thought of horror core rap immediately…

I have also seen videos about gangstas working with demons and Satan I think bloods do a lot of satanic work.

The entire biz is centered around the occult, not just rap and r&b. If you’re already lhp going in, you’ll have a leg up, and insight to help you be potentially successful.

I remember in high school Bone thugs n harmony had that album called E. 1999 that had strang writing on the back that you had to read in a mirror . The album art inside also had similar imagery.

You may actually enjoy this then. These guys reached out to me on my magickdoneright instagram. They are an occult rap group

Early 1990’s Hip-Hop/R&B music was about the occult and tended to very urban and Afrocentric. The above “Soul Ties” song reminded me of that old-school style.

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