Rant/unpopular opinion: The entire "which spirit is stronger" debate is stupid

I’ll try to be brief.

Recently, I’ve been seeing topics like “who is the strongest demon” and “are angels stronger than demons”. You know who the strongest spirit is? I’ll tell you:

It doesn’t fucking matter.

Let’s take King Paimon for example. Some have had overwhelmingly positive successes with him, while some have had no success with him at all. It’s not a display of how powerful he is. It’s a display of how compatible he is with certain magicians.

The concept of power levels can also be dangerous. Let’s pretend Andras shows up in your life because he wants to work with you on a certain goal. If you said to his face that he’s not strong enough to help you with something, he’s going to be pissed.

A spirit’s specialties, ranking, race etc. do not determine strength. They’re all powerful. Just pick who seems the most appealing to you and go with it.


it’s cuz them people asking such are newbies or superficial. Still in the materialistic focus of living. Brainwash by power and ranking system. Such is from society conditioning of economic status. poor vs rich . Different ranking system in job company etc… People with higher purpose don’t care. They more focus on results and tailoring to their goals. They know each demon specialize certain skills so they ask the right demon for the right job.


Lol I feel like these people are asking that question because they will straight go into that entity to work with, if we gave them a clear answer.

And they dont realize even the strongest has their weaknesses.Some are better in some areas than others.They are just like humans, some are casanovas while some are good at boxing, some like art, some are good at music etc.


I had a meeting with “low ranking” legion members of a spirit. They fucked my shit up. They fucked my shit up so so much.


They specialize in fucking your shit up then. so they not low rank after all. lol


I once was a very good pvp healer in a MMORPG. But I wasn’t a good damage dealer or raid leader. I also had little interest in PVE.
Who’s more powerful? A tank? A healer? A Pvp tryhard or a Pve pro?

Guess what, skills can’t always be ranked and compared.
They’re different. This is true diversity, my friends. :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


I mean… That’s kinda a quick assumption about their reason for seeking answers in this area


World of Warcraft

I think another thing people miss is that the ranking system (King, Knights, dukes, etc) serves more for human understanding than where the spirit lies “power” wise. Just because one spirit is a Duke and not a King does not mean they cannot help you


No. The Elder Lag Online.


Ahhhh i only know world of worcraft as a rpg

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I think one person too many tries to make all of this fit into a manga-crap structure. Let’s wonder why that is for a second…


i mean, we dont know why peeps gotta measure power between beings though lol, i do find it irrelevant

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I agree with the OP, the debate is stupid. However, newcomers in particular ask this question because they equate the word “powerful” to automatically mean “the best choice for the job,” which is rarely the case.

What they don’t understand is that power is very relative in the scheme of things and, just like in martial arts, a skilful and strategic application will beat “power” almost every time.

One spirit may not be as powerful as another, but that one spirit may apply the power they do have with such skill and strategy that they can move worlds, where as the more powerful being may be the bull in a china shop because they don’t know how to apply their power subtly or with precision.


It’s good assumption to that particular question.

or it might just be their ego

I equate “power” with more the ability to connect to different social networks and find someone who can do the job. so say for instance those higher ranked spirits will know someone else who can help you even though in and of themselves they might not be all that useful.

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At first I thought it was stupid lol but now it’s funny on both ends for me.


ya know what…youre stupid! and mean! im telling mom! :sob: :sob: :sob:

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i was kidding by the way, lmao but thats obvious