Random Words of Chaos Wisdom

“De Vermis Mysteriis should not be used in combination with semi trucks or for that matter cliffs especially cliffs.”

“Thou shall not evoke Yugioh cards that require offering your own lp as fuel.”

“Speaking of Yugioh, one should not banish the neighbors kids to the shadow realm, especially if you forget how to reverse it.”

“If it is born in a gay bar on orgy night kill it with fire… just trust me.”

“Oops is probably not sufficient to cover leaving a portal to the realm of fire open inside of a flammable building.”

“Churches may not be flammable but their plumbing is prone to explode.”

“Acid and Enochian should probably not go together but where is the fun in that.”

“Sometimes sleeping on it is a good idea. Other times it is a pain the neck. Should probably find a new way to fix problems with crystal balls.”

“Exodia is not a party trick.”

“Fire can solve any problem but usually makes a lot more new problems.”

“Don’t confuse Morgoth and Moloch.”

“Stuck on manifesting something just start with the manifestation and work backwards.”

“When dealing with time changing the past isn’t worth the entropy. Just go sideways.”

“Self replicating kinetic spheres are not a good idea no matter how fast you think you can travel with them.”

“If you change a 1 to a 0 a 0 will change to a 1 somewhere and when that results in your wifi being eaten by a hurricane that is very bad.”

“Wealth and Money are two very different things so for fucks sake stop expecting to pay bills with wealth magick.”

“When it comes to chakras don’t go past 11 coincidentally don’t stay up past 11 on a work day.”

“Remember Earth is bottom left, then water, then air, then fire, and then spirit.”

“Accidentally triggering earth instead of fire can have unfortunately seen consequences.”