Random thoughts that I want cleared up

First thought: Most of my thoughts are of isolation and the dislike for other people. I just don’t like people and I love being alone with just my cat. I’m not saying I don’t like people as an insult to anyone. It’s just I dont like the presence around me. I make exceptions for family and very close friends. Is this a bad way of thinking or will this effect progress.

Thought 2: could it be possible for me to be hand picked to not do magic? When I meditate I do it right and I have no trouble with it. Stoping all mind chatter is what I’m good at, but even still I haven’t got a clear sign from a spirit. Sometime I feel like I’m doing things exactly right and I will give it about a week or two to see some results but nothing. when I’m trying to contact spirits I don’t feel a thing. Infact I’ve never knoticed a demonic presence. Im starting to get a suspension that I’m might be blind to it. But most likely not. Right?

Thought 3: I’m insane and I’m literally speaking to walls in a mental asylum and everything I think is real is not. Possiblity???

Thought 4: what if I’ve pissed off spirits in my past life and now I’m fucked in this life. For all I know one of my past lives could of been super Altra Christians butimg Witches at stakes and i decided to piss off all of the spirits so I’m fucked.

Thought 5: everything only exist now and there is no future or past. Only in the moment everything in real. But maybe not real. Maybe I’m in a matrix or something and life I some game that some being is playing and I wondering what emotions are so they experience it through me.

Thought 6: why do I fear what I fear. Why do I get that uneasy feeling in the dark. Somethimg is not there yet I still feel that uneasy feeling. Why am I absolutely petrified at the thought of seeing a spirit. Like if I see a spirit in person as it’s a physical thing I might just faint. Am I not cut out for magic. could i be born without the ability?

Thought 7: I had a half awake dream that I was talking to vassago amd I could see him and what he looked like and everything. Could that be fake and made up by my imagination?

Ok I’m done. Hopefully some of this isn’t taken to literally. I’m just rambling on what on my mind. But if anything can be cleared up I’d like that.


No, valuing solitude and magick go pretty well together, see the Hermit, Tarot card & archetype. Also, that is actually how humans are designed to live, a small trusted pack you share blood ties with, and shared interests.

We’re not global beings, we’re tribal.

Outsiders were often competition, fatally so, and those who were overly open passed their genes on far less.

I believe there is some “Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” that will work for everyone: calling spirits is not essential to magick, there are chaos magick methods and Science of Mind things which only use focused attention.

If you’re naturally an intense or overly thoughtful person, these may even come easier to you than hoping some astral denizen will pop up and give you a hand.

Could be, but even if it was, you might as well make the experience as nice and rewarding as possible. :man_shrugging:

Spirits are not needed, but if you explore other methods, you could find that out later.

Primal human fear of nighttime predators, consciously watching you with intent to harm.

Perfectly normal, though you may later enjoy the challenge of getting rid of those fears.

No, probably your mind was in a liminal state that bypassed the blocks on it. Even practicing magicians often get huge info dumps in dream states.

All comments above are just my take on things, not definitive, but I think I get where you’re coming from and you’re fine, not uniquely blocked or anything. Everyone has some form of art they can do, some subjects they excel in, same with magick - just a case of findigg what clicks for you, what you can invest belief in (or at least, have enjoyable suspension of disbelief), and what you find interesting to do. :+1:


You might be right. I just wanted to know if something was truly out there. I wanted to see it for myself. Looks like I’m going to start a different path onto less spirit surrounded. Honostly speaking I think I’m just a bit jealous. Seeing that these things that I wanted to experience everyone else was having naturally. Though the only reason I wanted to call these on these spirits for was to learn from them and maybe befriend them. The only form of magic that I know that doesn’t require spirits is candle magic. Can you tell me a few categorys to research on?

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Chaos magick, search on here for

  • sigil consonant (letter based system, that rules out all the posts about demonic sigils

  • mantric method

Also try this to hone your visualisation, I walked a member though how to visualise effectively.

Give this method a try exactly as written once you can visualise reasonably consistantly:

Back to non-spirit methods, also search online for PDFs of the book The Science Of Getting Rich, which is applicable in other areas than money, it’s about using your mind. It’s out of copyright and there are a lot of PDFs around for that.

If you want to know why, try reading this short book, The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


so i pulled a card to see which Being or spirit you should contact

a knight popped up but couldnt make out from which pantheon, i think either nordic or celtic or goetic, or try Archangel Michael, though i dont feel like he is in this card

also did i not give you a reading some time ago?

alright i sent you a pm with nothing so i could check my pms and saw we talked, work with Belial no?

Could it possibly have been Icelandic, South African, Chinese or Russian as well?

are you being sarcastic? thats what came up, sometimes it isnt fully clear, usually when i try to tap into others spiritual paths

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Well, do you believe you are a person, or a composition of matter and sentience dreaming about being a person? Do you have a self or don’t you? Are you somebody or are you nobody?

I think that means you’re sensitive, but then, it’s interesting that you can feel the presence of animals and humans but not the entities.
I’m the same actually - I start to go crazy if I spend to much time with people. I just tell people I’m introverted, but energetically it’s because some people’s energy bodies overlapping with yours is just stressful.
I think it’s not a bad idea to keep your field clear of other people’s gubbins. People you’re close to are more aligned and have smoother interactions with your energy, so there’s less noise to content with.

There’s many different kinds of meditation, and I think this zen-like, no-mind meditation can help you develop your energy bodies in the sense that it allows it to heal itself, but it’s not much good for directing your energy and reaching out and calling spirits.
You don’t need chatter, but you need to start creating. Otherwise its like an artist staring at a blank paper and not making any marks - the artwork won’t draw itself.

Try guided meditations that use visualisation to bring you into experiences?

Everybody wonders this at some point, more than once. When you start getting results, even little things like, someone confirming the exact same appearance or activity or message of an entity, and you know it’s real.

If you think you are carrying forward some kind of contract that is not serving you nullify it. These things are optional, so you have that power, but maybe divine for consequences first.

This is possible as well, but I’m not sure it’s not very useful to keep switching between cosmologies - and if you’re in the middle of using a cosmology that’s all about doubting your magik then you’re gong to get in your own way.

And you said you couldn’t feel anything! 2 options - you just watched a horror movie and your subconscious is freaked out… or there’s something there. Say hi and find out? Do a ‘fuck off everything’ banishing and see if the energy changes? Experiment with that feeling.

Fear of the unknown, I bet you’d be fine, but it could also be getting in your way and causing you to hold entities at bay. Some people see ghosts and don’t realise that’s what they are, so mediums say (I’m not a medium). They can look really normal I hear. Practice will help that one.

So that’s interesting. I’m going with legit, and I’m thinking the half-awake thing is a big clue.

Basically, I think this and #1 are linked - you have no issue contacting entities and they see you - I think you have my problem, which is not easily getting your brain into Theta Gamma State aka trance enough to perceive the subtle messages from the subconscious.
This takes some training - can take months or years and in between you can do a sort of spontaneous daydreaming thing works sort of well enough - its not as ideal but you can still get decent accuracy and results - and 4Hz brainwave music helps.
What you want, is to get that half-awake state in ritual - like clear lucid dreaming but awake.


Yes I’m trying to work with Belial but I wanted to push it further and try to contact another spirit to help me with senses.

I also started divinity so I can get more detailed advise. If you’d like you can give me a few tips. It’s not tarot but normal poker cards.

The problem is that this feeling I get happens only when I’m not trying to contact spirits. But for all I know that is a presence.

Lady Eva said the same this I probably need to start visualizing more.

I don’t think I have the issue of contacting. I think it’s the issue of receiving information from them.

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Hey @Lady_Eva I made a sigil and was wondering what you thought of it.

I also had a question about visualization. Do I need to have my eyes open when visualizing?