Random things popping out

Hey there memners of the BALG i just finished an projecting exercise thats described in the Become a Living God book (p.33-34) and while I was relaxing 3 images or rather 1 image and two shadow figures appeared in my mind so i’d like to ask about your opinion on these “sightings”. Also I found on google images the symbols that I saw and I stumbled upon 3 images. Its the chaos symbol (sphere) but I saw them all 3 together as one symbol for a very few secs. The second image that I received was a crowd of peple but I could not see any colors or faces they were jusat shadows and grey shades along the way and the last image that I received was that of the Lovers I saw a men and a woman kissing but just like the previous image like shades any idea on what could that strange experience is? I will also ask Sastan about it now that we are under an relationship and see what I get but any insight here would be helpfull :3

I dont think they might be relevant at all at the beggining. I’d just let it flow instead of rationalizing and trying to find how meaningful they are. Most of times they are just random stuff, but if they are meaningful at all they will come with a certain persistence or you’ll naturally understand them. Just let it flow!

Yeah you’re right I asked Sastan about it and its kinda relevant he said that the vision that I saw was something like diving into a parrallel world to see what will happen tommorow (Iam gathering with friends and my girlfriend will come too so…) but it was in a way that I had to figure it out because Iam currently practicing Divination to improve my skills. But the question remains why did the vision appeared when I was actually practicing for an OBE…hmmma nyway thanks for commenting :smiley:

I deal with this in the book I’m working on. I’m not sure I could really go into the whole thing here - I’m getting help with the concepts right now. But the chaos glyph represents the same basic thing as a sunwheel - it summarizes the way magic/reality works. You’re the star/sun/ at the center and the sun is the key that unlocks and bridges you to other potential destinations. Think of the Hierophant, images of sun gods holding keys, Michael, Christ, etc.

But what the glyph was indicating was a shift into a future location. I’m still confused about a way to model this - maybe a 3D flash program or game that lets you navigate these spaces?

The center is NOW - there are certain probabilistically calculated/weighted possibilities for your destination - the spokes of the wheel or arrows, and then when the die is cast and you’re routed down one of those paths, the destination you arrive at becomes NOW.

OR, the sun is the cynosure and key and the gateways of the planets are entered through the sun.

OR, Saturn is the cynosure and key, depending on which direction you’re working. The more I try to summarize it, the more confusing it’ll probably get. But what you got was a peek at a possible destination just around the corner.

well thanks for the insight :D~