Random question: What entity of carnal desires, takes the shape of a dog?

Yes i know, i should do some work on my vocabulary and grammar…

As kid, i once slept at my mothers her friends place. i woke up and went to the bath room.
As i opened the door, i heard panting, and saw a big black dog passing me by.

Later, i realized -due to another “hint” in form of photos which had been made with my camera, without me knowing. Showing her giving him a blowjob. -So i unsterstood that it wasn’t the dog who made that noise.


What entity could that have been?


Well I don’t think it was me. My totem is the wolf.

So, maybe it was a person’s totem, or your own energy projecting itself.

There are lots of entities who have dogs associated at the least. Odin has two wolves with him. Hekate has two black dogs. In old Christian mythology Satan can appear as a black dog. Just my thoughts.


Pan/Lupercus. But again, that’s wolf. I like Kylkyl’s theory that it could simply be you.


I have a feeling that Glasyas Labolas can be requested to assist in such matters.


Found another one, due to a string of coincidences today. And it’s something I should have remembered.
“ARIEL is a very serviceable spirit, and appears in the form of a fero­cious dog”. My personal research into Ariel, some months ago, brought me to interesting revelations that indicate Ariel, Orion (always with a dog by his side), and Sirius (literally a dog) are the same “thing”.

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