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The 4 Laws of the Sphinx

The Wand represents the first Law of the Sphinx and is the only weapon a Magician needs – for To Know is the first initiation. The Wand is a weapon of Fire and Your indomitable Will – its mysteries are of the Spirit. The wand is a powerful prop. Treat it that way!

Find a piece of wood. This may happen when you find a tree branch while walking home or take to re-fashioning the leg of an old chair. Most of the consecration of a Wand is in your creation and a Wand is an act of your creation. It is recommended that your Wand be no longer than your left forearm by measuring from your elbow to the middle of your palm.

Wands can be painted bright red, stained or waxed to a gloss. These are matters of empowering your talisman - for you alone. Your wand should ideally be stored in a red bag of natural fibre (for example, silk or cotton). You can make this yourself or have it made by someone you know. If you provide the material, tailors can be inexpensive for such a small job. It is best to buy the cheapest nature fibre material and dye it yourself.

To Will is the second law and first task. The Cup is a weapon of Water and Emotion and many men have been destroyed with it and by its glamorous Mysteries, while most women are imprisoned by its formula. The Cup should be of Silver. Few people are ever initiated. The knowledge is beyond them and their prosaic conformity. Fewer have the will than have the knowledge, but the 4 laws bind all. Quality Cups are available and can be decorated according to taste – the mysteries of the Cup are oral. Its colour is blue and red!

To Dare is the third law and correct attitude. The Sword is a weapon of Air and Your sharp Intellect, which can be purchased and customised, as can the sheath which conceals it – for many a sharp mind has hidden beneath a shabby hat. One of the Sword’s colours is yellow - the mysteries of the Sword are initially verbal. By Knowing and Willing the Magician is compelled to Daring, although there is no guarantee.

To Remain Silent is not as hard as many imagine. The secrets will continue to guard themselves. Try as you may, few will understand! The final law is actually advice given for the benefit of those who do. The fourth law is almost impossible to break. The Disc is a weapon of Earth and Flesh and most people are captive to it. Wood, wax or Copper are appropriate materials. Bread can also be used and often is by another tradition. The Coin’s mysteries are material and its colour is green and black.

And although the Wand creates, the Cup nourishes, the Sword destroys and the Coin redeems it is the Magician who is transformed.

Eventually, you outgrow props - the weapons having been internalised.


The Other. Beyond that Attracting, Transforming, Forbidden Essence. Contradictory Defiance: challenging in its purest, answering, archetypal, shape-shifting form. The fascination that creates, nourishes, destroys and redeems. The Prince of the Earth, the Lord of the Air, the Darkness of the Deep, and the God of Fire! The majestic potency, force, presence, power; Magick of the Name of one known by many.
Intoxicating. Subversive. Eternal.

The Other. That arrogant, inspirational quest and elegant undercurrent to a superior life of overcoming – Everything you have never dreamed of and more than your deepest nightmares. The alarming, awful, sinister, dispossessed delight of the Empowerment of Knowing – The Triumph of Ecstasy reflected in Your Imagination, Honour, Genius and Terror! Rebellion!

The Other. That banished suspicion and apprehensive silence - trespassing in disguise. A Question and An Accusation - The Fear and Celebration. The Shadow and horror unknown of Life and Death - Of Aeons passed and Potentiality.
Of Willing and Becoming and Exalting in this life…

Hail Myself that I Seek to Be

It is revealed individually
To those who can bear it

Sic Luceat Lux

The nobility that separation often confers
The Anti-hero’s awe engendering majesty:
Wonderful, terrifying – numinous.
The grandeur and romance of honour and culture
Insurgent and intricately subversive:
An illusion within a glamorous mirage
Of unrivalled vigour
Weaving, penetrating and suffusing
The obsession of spectral desires
As forbidden as guilt.
The charmingly mysterious
As unpredictable as our anxieties
And as enchanting as the unknown.
Inspired, alarming
And reflected in the unimaginable.

The Lesser Headless Ritual

I am the Headless daemon with sight in my feet;

I am the Mighty One who possesseth the immortal fire;

I am the Truth who hateth the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world;

I am the One that maketh the lightning flash and the thunder roll;

I am the One whose sweat is the heavy rain, which falleth upon the earth that it might be inseminated;

I am the One whose mouth is utterly aflame;

I am the One who begeteth and destroyeth;

I am the Favour of the Aeon; my name is A Heart girt with a Serpent;

Come forth

And follow.


For the only thing greater than Me is what I can become!


Herewith find a shortened version of the Headless/Bornless ritual. I have used this in the past to draw entities and energies into my life. It is basically a rite of invocation. Without going into details, perhaps you may find it best to actually specify the entity you’re after as otherwise you may find that unexpected events arise and things occur.

There’s probably a heap of material on the internet about the Headless (Bornless) Ritual. Israel Regardie devoted a whole book to it and Professor Stephen Flowers in his Hermetic Magic provides some information thereon. The problem is that most people are put off by the barbarous names and therefore don’t bother with what is – in any of its forms – a particularly potent piece of Magick.

Please feel free to design your ritual around it. You may wish to recite it as a prayer: daily, hourly or whatever. Vibrate it at the beginning and ending of your day to the four corners of the multiverse or whatever else feels appropriate. But don’t give up. Many practitioners find that the results come after repetition, although these usually start within a few days of commencement.

And enjoy, because if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right!

Old Uncle Al.


Thank you. Womderful read as usual.


I loved it. It was a great read.

Hail Satan!!


I am considering either using those names in conjunction with Luciferian masks, or replacing those with a majority of a chosen Pantheon of gods/entities.

Would there be any major concern with my first option?
Would the second option manage to invoke the… egregore of the event of all the gods uniting and thus invoke THAT?

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Today on break I listened to an enn chant for both Asmoday and Astaroth, the storm gathered overhead, and dust devils of leaves and trash picked up to be micro tornados.
A turbulent day at work. But as I was walking home, here and there I would be pulled to pick up a stick that had been fallen by the storm (power went out while listening to a leviathan enn chant), so lit a candle and practiced meditation and candle magic.
But my silver water bottle, my gold leaf teacup and saucer hold my candle supported round by gold and silver, with a five hour emergency taper candle, my stick-wand, my feather from a gull flock, whiskey and raisins and vanilla custard vape fluid. I plan to keep my eye out tomorrow for a larger wand and get some sandpaper and come home and do some art on a drop cloth and the sticks. Id prefer not to paint my sterling silver customer service water bottle, but if so, so be it.
The Qlipothic middle pillar, the LHP LRP, and the headless ritual, this could be powerful.
Im planning to carry out rituals I can do with supplies or no supplies, I do have jasmine, frankincense and nag champa sticks, some birthday candles, five tea lights, and one five hour candle. Also sandalwood and apple-cinnamon oils, as well as vapor though that could turn into a flare :slight_smile:
Thanks Al!