Random money

I just sort of opened the sigil of bune for some money help . I want to buy E.A koetting’s mastering evocation course but I don’t have a job . I asked bune if he could help me with this . Randomly by me finding money on the ground or by giving it to me through my apps . I told him once I am able to hear and/or see demons I will ask he what he wants in return and give it to him .

But I wanted to know if this was the right demon for this kind of task


Well I don’t have bethors sigil so I’ll use Clauneck and bune

I highly doubt I can draw them out . I already printed out Clauneck and Bunes sigil . Does Clauneck have an enn or something ?

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This video contains the ENN of Clauneck, took me ages to find it so I am updating similar questions on the forum everywhere.