When I was younger I had a dream that I still think about often. In the dream I was in absolute darkness except for an entity standing before me. I got a very masculine feel from him even though he looked androgynous. His skin was smooth like marble and turquoise in color. Hair was dreaded and made out bud of varying colors like black, green, blue, and purple. Also I noticed that he had on a full body leather suit or rubber maybe kind of like Pinhead from Hellraiser but like his skin very smooth. I have tried to find some reference to him but have been unable to do so. If anyone comes across anything I would appreciate the info. Also I would love to hear anyone else’s Rando Spirit stories I don’t see that much on here.

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since i put this up i have found one spirit that sounds similar. i have looked for this for years so to find it so quickly after putting my question up here even though no one said anything is interesting.