Ramos injury on salah with his left hand and David star at the tattoo he has on this body area

David sign at the left :wink: he holds him exactly where the symbol tattooed on his handimage

Today the moon is in Scorpio :man_shrugging::face_with_monocle: lol what do you think ? And look how accurate that is scary

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Actually that’s completely different.

Two different letters in Arabic but same when anglicised.

His name means goodness or to make good.

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And I blame this cunt for the loss.


Yea agreed man Liverpool goal keeper had some kind of delay in his decision making today can’t really put my finger on it they need a better goal keeper for sure, But the fact of the matter is with salah they at least would have put much more of a fight as the momentum has completely shifted after that injury I don’t think this draws and season will be repeated again

And man Ramos tatoos are weird AF according to what I heard he is very religious

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