Ram headed gods or daemons, anyone?

This is a bit of an obscure question and it only turned up one very unrelated result when I searched for it.

During and after the most recent 2 evocations that I performed, I had imagery of a ram’s head flashed at me. The first time, it was a dream vision that I had after evoking Bune - she appeared wearing a helmet with a pair of ram horns on it and pushed me backwards. But she is still as helpful as ever, so I don’t see that as a negative.

The second time was during an evocation of Sabnock. I had asked for protection from astral attacks and parasites. Then I asked if there was anything else s/he wanted to tell me and I saw the word ‘guardian’ followed by an image of a black ram’s head, as a sculpture.

So basically, two daemons I contacted in the space of 3 days flashed me a very similar image.

What would your best guess be as to what this could mean? My experience so far is that demons aren’t chatty and they speak through imagery, but I am confused as to why a request for help with business (Bune) and then protection (Sabnock) would be met with similar images.

I had a weird idea that it may either mean I should seek out this ram deity and speak to it. Alternatively, maybe it means someone is working against my well being with the help of this ram headed being, but that’s pure speculation.



I didn’t really get the vibe that it was working against you, seemed more neutral. Possibly a deity you should seek out, but my thoughts were more specifically what animals like the Ram symbolizes.

Usually: Strength, beast, protection, etc.

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This might help a bit Horned Deities


Set was also an Egyptian horned God under his title as The winged bull of Ombos where he’s depicted with bull horns and wings.

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Thank you for the suggestion! That’s a deity I hadn’t considered.

I kind of had that neutral vibe as well, but what with the ram headed Bune shoving me back much like a ram would do, I felt there was a deeper meaning. But what that may be, idk.

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I read that part, it didn’t seem aggressive to me. Like her/him trying to “harm” you per say.

Maybe challenging/testing you, telling you to stand your ground, or any other message.

I would ask Bune.

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Yeah, haha I asked her this morning and didn’t get any reply apart from an image of a red dragon… which was related to another question, anyway.

(Edit: OK, so I just learned that the red dragon and ram are both associated with Asmodeus, so I guess that answers my question.)

It dawned on me, just now, that a mirror can represent superficial or frivolous tendencies in a dream, so perhaps it was just a message that I oughtta stick with the essentials, with regards to my business.

Thanks for taking time to help me!

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The only being I could think of is Baphomet.

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I agree the shove seems like a stand your ground reguarding work stuff. Im not sure just because they were wearing a horned helmet if it was associated to the other ram or did they have a rams head or was it just that similar looking.

Glad you or an idea who it is Asmo from what I hear is really cool and can get you laid too so you got that to look forward to lol.

So let us now how it goes with the communication with Asmodeus.


Okay! So, I reached out to Asmoday earlier and didn’t get a strong response at all. I only had two, three things to ask him though, so I evoked my heart out until there was a slight change in the atmosphere that might have meant he was somewhere nearby. The candle hissed and sputtered a lot when I asked about a particularly volatile situation.
(Matter of fact, the candle has done that whenever I’ve mentioned that situation to other Goetia, too… i wonder about that. Why would they all be having the same reaction?)

Seems like the ‘Bune telling me to stand my ground’ interpretation is still the best one… it would make sense too, since I am in competition with lots of other people.

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