Raising Kundalini through hypnosis

Since someone told me to begin any spiritual work or calling any dieties/spirit/angel/demons etc I must raise my kundalini to see them and can communicate with them for I might get them upset.
I just learn from Santa Muerte group on fb and realized some of them and believe she was a friendly spirit but someone told its a lie since she’s an Aztec God and death current.
So in some point I deactivate my altar.
I want to start and grow from experience…
Then I ask some random practitioners about mentorship someone told me that she can raise my kundalini through hypnosis while she don’t explain what to expect from the experience…
What I’m bothers me is about entities that might attack after activation.
And someone told me to instead of letting someone activate my kundalini it’s better I practice on meditation and strengthen my armors on spiritual and learn about each chakra…

So please enlightened me

Whoever told you that is full of crap. The kundalini has nothing to do with spirits, and is certainly not any sort of requirement for working with them. Western magicians have been summoning demons, angels, and gods, for centuries without the need for it.

The kundalini is a term from the Hindu art of yoga, and refers to the mechanism of bringing the sexual energy of the body up from the base of the spine into the head. There is a lot of strange New Age ideas surrounding the concept and this is probably among the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. While going through the kundalini can certainly aid in consorting with spirits (it’s basically an inexhaustible energy circuit that can help fuel your magick) it is hardly necessary, and you’ll never find any reference to it at all in a traditional grimoire.

If you would like an unbiased, non-religious, view of the Kundalini, I highly recommend the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master. The author, Glenn Morris, went through the process using techniques from Chinese qi gong to help his martial arts. Kundalini can be dangerous, but the danger has nothing to do with being attacked by spirits, and everything to do with not being properly prepared for it, as it can be hard on the body, especially if you carry a lot of tension that the energy has to burn through.


So is ok that I ask someone to activate it through hypnosis?

Or go to my own process by meditation?

Is there any bad consequences that I have to through ?

Sorry for too many questions and thanks for the reply :relaxed:

If this case was true, 99% of this forum wouldn’t manage a single evocation. It is neither that easy to raise it, nor luckily its related. Neither is chakra work.

Santa Muerte is related to much more than death only. And its best if you don’t associate her with Mictēcacihuātl, at the moment.

The book DarkestKnight suggested is the best method I have tried myself.

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Personally, I wouldn’t. You can cause damage to yourself raising the kundalini on your own, so the potential for something to go wrong when having someone else influence it is even higher.

This is best, as it will rise in its own time, when you are properly prepared. It’s not something that should be forced.

Yes. Kundalini energy is risky, and can actually cause physical problems if it is raised incorrectly. It almost killed Krishnamurti.