Raising Hell

Raising Hell :sparkles::sunglasses::sparkles:

I would like to examine three topics presented in the context of the whole body of work over time of EA Koetting.

  1. Physical Evocation
  2. H. S.
  3. Become a Living God

And I want to discuss the common practice of gathering of adepts from the inner circle of any lodge or occult organization to achieve specific objectives.

One of EA Koettings earliest videos is a workshop/lecture he did on Physical Evocation. It is a classroom setting with students asking questions. He clarified in that video that even when the Magickian has the subjective experience of physical Evocation if a regular person walks in the room then the regular person will not see the evokeked entity. EA Koetting has been consistent about this aspect of the practice of Evocation in every book and video course that he has ever published on Evocation.

But EAs detractors insist that EA means objective physical Evocation because they have not based their opinion on the contents of the actual videos or books published by EA Koetting.

EA Koetting was a prolific writer long before balg was born. As a matter of fact he planned to retire after The Book of Azazel. If his books were about H. S. then they would have been five pages long. H. S. was mentioned in the context as an historical artifact and anachronistic Magickal Practice. EA Koetting has always been open about revealing all of the secrets of Magick. EA is clear about revealing forbidden knowledge that lodges and orders do not want you to know, including the practice of H. S. It’s not about violence, it’s about shining a light in the dark corners. In the context of EA Koettings body of work your personal Empowerment is what all of his books and video courses are about.

If you have been involved with the LHP for more than five minutes then you have heard of Xeper and Wen. The concept that a man can become a god and that the gods were human once is an ancient concept. Xeper Neteri is the ancient Egyptian practice of the Priest Becoming the God for six months out of the year. Xeper also comes from Kephera the God of the alchemical phase wherein the elements of the self are broken down into the black ore aka base elements. Alexander the Great revealed in a letter to his Wife that he had discovered that the gods were men once and that a man can become a god. The original idea behind Become a Living God was inspired by these ancient ideas. Becoming is a great undertaking and takes a lot of personal work that can take lifetimes. Become a Living God offers the unfiltered knowledge to begin the Great Work.

I want to discuss the traditional formats of lodges and orders. Magickal Orders have come down through the ages protecting their art and science through secrecy and urban legends. When I was Initiated into The Coven of the Golden Ram I was shown three Grimoires which were really one. It was a format that was used to protect the knowledge from the Witch Hunters. Traditionally all three copies would be in separate households except for during gatherings.

Magick is an art and science and as a science adepts are organized for special projects.

It is not strange to me because of my lengthy experience and immersion in practicing Magickal Groups that EA should have formed a round table of 13 for a special project.

I can see that people who do not have a history of working in a practicing Coven or Lodge might mistaken this as EA trying to form a cult.

Again let’s look at EA Koettings body of work. According to several sources including EAs nine Demonic Kings workshop/ lecture video, you the operator are the head of the Demonic Hierarchy. EA is radical about personal freedom throughout his books and videos.

I can see him form a group for a project, but not a cult.

Also I would like to add that it is not uncommon among spiritual communities to witness people who channel spirits often to exhibit weird or erratic behavior. This is so common that we have a term for it: faery touched. I would be surprised if someone who had recently worked with the nine Demonic Gatekeepers did not come undone. It is not an indication of failure but of having successfully made substantial contact with the Spirits.

I am just a student who has done substantial research into all of the recent upheaval and found the claims against EA and Balg to be empty and based entirely on taking his work out of context. But don’t believe me. Study his body of work, practice the Magick and think for yourself.

I am here to Raise Hell and chew bubble gum and I am all out of bubble gum.

Hail Yourself


This. I’m tired of people thinking everyone is either on drugs all the time, or that there is something “wrong” with them.

The thing about evocation is that other people can see the spirits depending on their own scrying ability. It just means not everyone can see them, just some people.

If you look up what cults are about, it is mostly about cutting off contact with people outside of the cult. Nothing I have seen indicates that is the case here. People like to pretend lodges and covens are cults mostly because they want to push some sort of fundamentalist religious agenda. (this doesn’t mean that lodges and covens don’t have problems, but being a “cult” is not it.)