Raising hell

Alright. I’m extremely pissed and I want payback. What are the best entities for raising hell, I want a whole army. I will take no prisoners. All will suffer for what they’ve done to me.


Maybe Yehovah will do the trick, he has a knocking for being vengeful😂

But on a serious note, perhaps Mars could be someone to look into?


Ohh, I forgot Nemesis. She someone to seek if you want revenge.

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Leviathan, typhon, dra’talon, beezlebub, Azazel there are many more.


I specifically need ones that will make them go “poof”

Well I would say if you want a crazy chaotuc attack on your target, Then do what I did a year ago create a servitor during yourself creating it fill it with your rage and anger and hate towards the person, and imbue the servitor with death essence.

I did that were I created a servitor filled with hate, anger, rage, death essence but also I asked Azazel to gift upon the servitor extreme power.

It literally attacked seven of my victims one of their houses burnt down the other had a car crash and so on.

Give it a try.


That’s sort of what I’m looking for, thank you.


No probs happy hell raising let the chaos spread :smiling_imp::metal:t2::fire:


How much effort/time did it take for you to come true with a servitor?

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Any black sun entities will do.

Or you could go with the granddaddy of all bestial creatures from the Void. Ahriman. That’s why I’m pathworking on that system. Lol

It took a while because I gave it sacrifices and fed it regularly.


I couldn’t resist.




need any help? We have your back you know.

Thank you but this is personal. I will let you all know if it’s needed.

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I can channel energy if you would like. But yeah let me know if you need anything :slight_smile:

Bumping this

How did it go?