Raising Energy

Looking for knowledge about raising my energy for invocations and conjures. I am on the path of using my magick for workings and invocations.

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You should look into Qi Gong and cultivating chi. There are a number of books available online on the subject. There are also some good threads on this forum about energy work. Just search for them and you’ll have a good start.


Many chants such as the Hiss of Dahomey are very good at raising energy for spirit work.
Hiss of Dahomey: HHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSS (do this before your invocation)

so many ways- crystals, visualizations, spending time in nature. I build it into daily practice. Its foundational. Meditation can lead to greater ability to control and raise energy. Chanting like Reptilian stated is good for sure. Over time the ability comes easier and easier. If you want some quick and dirty, start to masturbate and don’t finish. tada