Rainbow body of djogchen

what is the rainbow body of djogchen buddhism?is it kundalini activation?how does one activate it?have any one of you guys tried to master this phenomenon?

[quote=“astralreek, post:1, topic:8822”]what is the rainbow body of djogchen buddhism?is it kundalini activation?how does one activate it?have any one of you guys tried to master this phenomenon?

No, it’s not kundalini activation and mastering the practice to achieve that sort of attainment is very difficult because it involves rigorous training beyond the scope of what most people are trying to achieve here. Obtaining a Rainbow Body is the obtainment of the Illusory Indestructible Immortal Body where it supposedly brings you out of the cycles of reincarnation beyond heaven and hell. I doubt anyone here will achieve it in this life time but then again you can start by reading up on some of the various Schools of Tantra out there and also look into books on Tantric Ethics.

If you think you won’t be able to gain a rainbow body in this life time, why don’t you try mastering the ability to gain control over your reincarnation. I think some of the magickal practices here along with spirit guides can help you attain that ability.

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I’ve come across it a few times. Similar reports appear in the Toltec tradition, the Taoist path with diamond body, also you have Ezekiel in the Bible, etc. There are several references to this immaterialization type of immortality in several cultures.

All of the ones I have read about are really hard core into putting all your focus, time, and will into their respective practices… think 24/7 not 9-5.

My understanding of it is not deep enough to explain the techniques, but here is my opinion about it so far.

The rainbow body is the end result of a long process of self transformation involving purifying the physical body, as well as empowering the energetic body and merging both with an aligned mental body as well, all towards the same end result/intent.

You activate it by conditioning your mind, body, and spirit through various methods. This seems to be a long process taking years and most likely decades of rigorous hard core work. Like removing any and all lingering traces of anything from your life that could possibly interfere or distract you from your goal. Basically you move towards it like you would any other serious accomplishment. This seems like a life purpose all or nothing end game type of goal, and most people won’t even want to try it.

I’ve not tried to master it, this is just what I recall.

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thanks guys!!!this siddhi is awesome!!!guru padmasambhava achieved it!!!how can one start controlling his reincarnation cycle btw?there is also grades of rainbow body, Dharmakāya or Truth body Dharmakāya or Truth body Nirmāṇakāya or created body which manifests in time and space

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Dozgchen is the total primordial purity. That is, Dzogchen is the realization of your natural state of mind. Through the practice of Dzogchen, you will come to know about your natural state of mind. It is like a mirror, which is in no way changed or modified by whatever it reflects. The quality of the Natural State is the inseperability of clarity and emptiness, yet with awareness.
In the natural state, everything is fine just as it is; we do not have to think about it or evaluate it.
like, for example, Thoughts and concepts are not the Natural State. So, if we try to do anything in terms of thinking and judging, we bifurcate into two parts and we are no longer in the Natural State.
It has been said that everything exists in potential in the Natural State, but things manifests according to secondary causes.
The natural states in an enlightened Buddha and in an ignorant insect are the same. One is not bigger than the other smaller. The differences between an enlightened being and an ignorant being are in terms of the Path and the Fruit, but in both cases the Base is the same.

In the practice of Dzogchen, there are no complicated visualizations, no monotonous chanting of mantras; there is only an examination of our condition and a discovery of the Nature of Mind. Once a lama said in a mnonastary that, our Mind is nearer to us than anything else, yet it is invisible and we do not see it. We do not immediately recognize its nature. For this reason, we need to hear some teachings from a qualified master and put them in practice.

The practice of Dzogchen will lead us to Nirvana/Liberation from the cycle of birth and death because when you die you will be able to recognize the state of your consciouness and its own manifestations. The manifestations that occurs in your consciousness after death will seem real just like in a deep dreaming state. If you have any unfulfilled desires after your death your consciousness will wander around to fulfill its desires either by taking another rebirth by finding a suitable body but, whether you’ll be fulfilling your desires in that future birth depends upon your karma/action when you were in your previous body.(This explains why even though you have very positive mind frame about your life, yet you find countless obstructions when you try to fulfill your desires).
During your lifetime, if you have practiced Dzogchen you will realize your true state which will eventually lead you becoming compassionate to all sentient beings and you will also realize that desire is just another state of mind.
Now, coming to Guru Padmasambhava, He is considered the father of Buddhist Tantras. Through his siddhi’s he went into a corpse state and his consciousness roamed through the Bardos(inbetween death and rebirth) and He wrote down all the experiences and this texts has been translated in “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”.

Yes, it is possible to control your reincarnation according to tantric sutras. This is done by great lamas and even the Dalai Lama. He is known as the (present)13th Dalai lama(He reincarnated 13 times). Before death(which they know before hand, when they’re gonna die), they will say in which direction they will be reincarnating. They will pack many of their belongings in one big box and will hide that box in some isolated place(No one will know about this place). After his death, when he is reborn and when that child starts speaking, he will start to tell about his previous life and the things he had hidden, who his previous parents was, and where he lived, etc.etc. A group of lamas will go along with the child to find out the belongings.

There are many branches of Vajrayana Buddhism each having their own powerful tantric teachings. One of the powerful practice is the Kalachakra Tantra (literally translates to WHEEL OF TIME). In order to practice any tantric teachings, you have to be initiated by a qualified master(of that particular teaching).
In summary, The teaching consists of considering yourself/your material body as the Kalachakra Deity itself also known as “Generating the Deity” or the Generation Phase(It’s going to take a long time). It’s done until you starts feeling the presence of the deity within your body. It is a technique and can only be taught correctly by a master who is adept at Kalachakara Tantra. The second phase is known as the completion phase and its a practice of visualizing the entire Kalachakra Mandala with all deities present in it, without leaving any detail, which will take years of practice. There are other secret Yogic practices that will be given by a master and also how to perform union with the Yidam(in this case Vishwamata, Kalachakra’s consort aka Kalachakri or timelessness). This will in turn give you the siddhi to get away from Karmic clutches and give you the opportunity to control your reincarnation and fulfill all your desires in your next birth, any place, any time.
Hope this helps~

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oh thanks buddy!!!incidentally in my last trip to bodhgaya i got this image of kalachakra from dalai lama’s monastery…lots of work to be done now!!

Good luck buddy!! I pray that you attain enlightenment in this life only through the blessings of the Buddhas of the eight directions.
When a student is ready, the Master will appear.
If you need any information regarding these, please do PM me. I’ll be happy to help (:
Also, if you are in India, Bhutan or in Nepal, it’ll be easy for you to seek a master.
cheers ~

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ya i am from india…i am from a hindu priest family…planning a lot of trips to the holy shrines and caves in himalayas once i get a job…nd i’ll pm you even if i go and stay in a monastery…dont worry!!knowledge is power!

Well, i’d say i persued on the path.

What i did expierience was full visual Manifestation followed by Possession,
as well as seperation and re-asemblement of self (/Ego),
as well as disolving of own Ego and re-creation of a new one.

So in Terms of NLP,
that unlocked the ability to not just be bi-Lingual (which i was Aware of since i started using the Internet),
but rather Multi-Lingual.

There are drawbacks to mention.
It’s not like there will be an A+ grade on every test you do for a School or teacher,
when you follow such a intense path.

Instead, it’s actually the Gap between your actual Knowledge and what People consider to be accomplishable by your Actions, that starts to become seperated.

And that’s where “who’s the Bus Driver” (a.k.a. which voice to follow), kicks in and it’s no longer a matter of “can is trust the Spirits”, but rather, “can i trust my own interpretations of the World, and what Action is actually asked for”



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The other replies were fairly accurate, as far as I can tell. The rainbow body is the product of an alchemical transformation. It is the means by which tantrikas of a high degree of attainment maintain immortality on another plane without permanently exiting cyclical existence.

Dzogchen is very simple in theory, but very difficult to master. For the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, all of the other practices are basically ways of conditioning the practitioner to be able to maintain awareness of the “luminous nature of mind” effortlessly throughout their entire life, and certainly throughout their death. That effortless awareness is Dzogchen, which means “the Great Perfection.”

From a Hindu or Buddhist perspective, your reincarnation cycle is the product of the subtle impressions that you carry in your causal body, what most of us Westerners might think of as the subconscious mind. Whatever you are thinking about when you die determines what experiences you have when your mindstream is separated from the body. The process of death is usually so overwhelming that it is very difficult to maintain conscious control over where you are about to go. Whatever subtle, subconscious impressions are activated at the time of death flood into your awareness and create your afterlife experience. Basically, you create what happens to you after death while you are still alive through your actions, magickal or otherwise.

The Tibetan practice for dying, or for the recently dead, is called phowa. There are a lot of ritual trappings, but, in a simplified version, it involves visualizing the sealing of the nine gates (anus, urethra, mouth, two nostrils, two ears, two eyes) with seed syllables, visualizing a bodhisattva or deity levitating above the crown of the head, and visualizing your consciousness as a bindu, a seed of light at the heart center, which you circulate up and down the central channel, eventually ejecting the seed through the crown (“phat”), into the deity. Not so easy to do while you’re dying, not without quite a bit of preparation.

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Exactly the reason why i explained it as being the Middle path,
involving both right hand path and left hand path,
with the addition of the middle / Soul hand.
The Paradoxium, the Sinergy, the Merge.

Very well explained,

The other reason, i refer to it as the central path,
is it makes you immune against Time-Magick.
(which could be described as Dharma / Karma Magick aswell)

Where you actually have the choice wether you focus on a point in time, or skip entire chapters.
It makes you very precise in seeking and finding Items and informations.

I noticed a side effect of so called “Jet-Lags” or “Catch-ups” where you actually have ripples in time.

Those are especially intense when ritual-success is expierenced,
when dimensions are switched,
when you travel between spheres etc.

Practice makes that part easier to understand and control aswell.

Especially Envokations - Where you possess a Person directly and control him with all focus,
have those ripples as a natrual sideeffect.

And it absolutely makes perfect sense to me.

Your Conciousness is designed to work inside of your own body.
By entering a Body which allready haves a own Conciousness,
those two are changed, leaving an imprint on each other.

That’s why i - and several other magicians - insisted on keeping these teachings restricted to a degree.

Yes, they do unfold into general reality and by a certain progression become natrual part of the world.

BUT there will allways be a difference in the intensity of how much it actually forges the being into something different.

Especially now, where my physical body is under re-construction, i know, see, feel, and understand, why i gave such clear advice together with my techniques when i released them to public channels.

Same goes for Eric, Mathew, Asenath, Bill, and many others. The Price Tags and limits on the editions of these Grimoires are actually protection seals.

And those are just the first physical layors of protection a interested person comes across.





I think/my opinion:
This is “Lucifer”, seven chakras is/in One. Lucifer is seven letter. Kenneth Anger’s “Lucifer dress” show this. Seven forces in united form. Phase of Work. (I think)

Current Workings expanded on the behalf.

I do Say Sorry especially to E.A. regarding a bunch of missinformation and bad decisions that came out of it.

I disinvoked my Blackened Heart and gave it back.
First of all, to clear the Path for several Persons attached.
becouse i indeed had to look at own personal Shortcommings and grow on,
learning from that Trauma and Fear.

I’d love to join the Work with Belial,
i think Nate noticed a part of my Energy attaching.

However, my perception is quite limited currently,
especially with the Knowledge that the missing currency could be evoked.

  • While at that Point i’m concerned of the reprocutions of actually physically evoking Physical matter in that sense again.
    I remember at least one brother suffering severe side effect’s of it last time i went through physical Manipulation of Matter.

I’ll see wether that keeps on the track.

For the Moment, my political interest and work in my local Economy drawn more of my Focus and Attention.



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Interesting, how Simply These Things are adressed without relying on our works at all, by Folks like George. :wink:

“Restricted to a certain degree” - does this mean it is unlikely we will see a video on koetting’s YouTube discussing Kalachakra topics? He seems knowledgeable and it could be interesting to hear thoughts on Tantra cosmology and jnana relating to lucifuge duality.

Sorry accidentally deleted post. ^