Rain Magic

Hello BALG community, I am looking for a spell to bring about heavy rain. I am currently living in Canada where we are having big forest fires, and the sooner I can bring rain down the better. Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I am aware of the sixth pentacle of the moon, and have invoked the powers of the pentacle to bring rain, but am searching for other methods as well.


You can evoke Nichsa, the elemental King of Water and ask him to bring rain.

You could also apply a shamanic technique called “Pray Rain.” Basically, get into a meditative state and, using all of your senses, begin to feel what it is like when it rains. Really bring all of your senses into it. Feel the water on your skin. Smell the air (the pleasant smell that often accompanies rain is called petrichor). Hear the sound of the rain hitting the ground. As vividly as you possibly can, feel as if it is raining now. In your imagination, see the fires being put out from the rain. Continue as long as you are able.


Pazuzu. No doubt.

Thank you!!

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UPDATE: It’s supposed to rain all week next week.


Honestly, just visualizing works! For like 5-10minutes, you could also do this throughout the week everyday for 5-10mibutes and visualize also candles could help in assistance, as I’ve done it before but usually those rains never last more then a couple hours and maybe a day


It’s been raining all week and there’s no sign of it letting up anytime soon. .


That’s amazingggg

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This spell I made up, for warm days, but after using it well saying it many times, like around 100 times within days, rain comes heavy is my results, and I been using it for many years.

Sun Sun so hot and warm
Make this area 100 degrees again
All through spring and summer, and for left two seasons to help remove snow with rain its fall and winter
then say so mote it be and repeat this like i said the more the better for results of rain coming, and results usually are two to three days of repeating the spell looking at the sky.

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I’ve used the Abramelin Square to bring Thunder to great effect. There’s also one to bring showers, bring hailstorms. Give those a try.


Simple spell take a bowl of water outside, focus on the water in the bowl and imagine heavy grey clouds forming and rain falling.

I am going to try this.