Rage spell casting

Hello, I’m interested in a new thing that I thought I might try.

The thing is, that instead of getting calm, and even meditate and so on, you hype you yourself to the point where you look literally insane. Like listening to the hardest heavy metal songs, collecting all your rage, even punching walls, literally going crazy, just to achieve your most enraged self you could be. And when you reached that, putting all that energy into the spell casting.

It may sounds sick, but the energy level of this must be so high while you do the casting/evocation.

Kinda interested about your opinions

You are basically describing something very much like a Ritual Release of Hatred, where you work yourself up into a frenzy over your target.

Rage can also lead to a trance state. It is a form of what is known in the Chaos Magick paradigm as “excitatory gnosis” ( contrasted with meditation, which is a form of inhibitory gnosis). A good example of it is the infamous Viking Beserkers.


Nice to hear this, what do you think, what kind of spells or evocation would suits this kind of energy/casting “style”?

It’s kind of a staple in a lot of curses, so the information shouldn’t be hard to find.

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Gordon Winterfield has a ritual with the same intention in his book Magickal Attack. It is called the Opening Ceremony of Fire and serves as a preparation for all the other rituals in the book. It might be worth taking a look at and adapting it to your own use.

It has been useful for me, with other emotions as well


Work with Sekhmet if that tickles your fancy :slight_smile:
She’ll bring rage out of anyone.

I have that book, but I didn’t find anything you mentioned in it.

It is in Section 3: the lesser rituals of attack, first subsection. I believe chapter 11