I have been using Radionics on plants and healing and am getting into using it for Magick now as well.

Does anyone else build devices or do you purchase them?

I have a Dr. Mulder box, a KRT personal unit and have built a passive one as well.

I want to get a Berkana Peggotty Board and a Spooky 2 and the Berkana Radionics device.

I am interested in seeing what these can do with Magick.

I want to build some orgone as well

I use Karl Welz’s devices personally he is the inventor of orgonite and has some powerful machines as well as a wealth of information on this stuff as well as a bunch on magick in general I buy from
But his actual website is;
orgone enery Wall papers for Chi Cards®, Orgonite, Radionics, and Orgone Technology Leader of the World (
Power to you amigo!

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I have read his site alot. He has alot of info. I have debated about getting one of his devices.

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Wilhelm Reich invented orgone technology. Welz devices are okay, had a PCHD fail less than a year after purchase though.

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Reich invented orgone accumulator but not orgonite or orgone generator, they were invented by Karl Welz.

That sucks though did you contact the seller for replacement?