Radio silence

I’m new to all of this and am not sure what to expect when charging/opening a sigil. It looks like it’s floating on light blue green water, and some of the lines disappear. I focus and chant the enn for around 30 minutes, then nothing. I’ve done the same thing for three nights now. I feel no presence, the energy in the room stays the same, the candle doesn’t flicker. Am I missing something, or is this a way of telling me that they aren’t interested in working with me?


This may give you some insights on the matter.

This thread also has alot of good info that may be of interest.

Hope it is of use. :grin:

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I have read those posts, and they are very helpful. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on no response as an answer. Is this common when working with demons? If not, then I obviously need to check over my methods.

Do chakra breathing meditations, they can quickly improve your astral senses if you do them.


It depends on your development and who or what you are trying to work with. For example when i started out exploring elemental magick i didnt notice any subtle changes to anything starting out. But as i worked at it i could perceive the energies i was working with.

The senses involved are like muscles that are not used much by most people. As you work with them they will develop into the various methods of perceiving spiritual forces. For some sight comes easier, some touch, some hearing, ect.


If conventional methods doesn’t work, invent your own methods. Tweak the known methods and make it yours.

I scry on curtains, a simple method I just tried out several years ago, and it works. Windows have magical connections, and so does curtains. Do you see the connection there?

I do magic my way, using my ability to sense and feel energies and spirits, and if my methods work, I’ll make sure to pass it on to others.


Mostly I’m confused, I’ve practiced the rhp fluffy bunny types of magick in the past. I could always feel the energy like a pressure or heaviness in the air, especially when I called the corners. To feel nothing using the sigil is quite new. But outside of any attempted work, I frequently feel touches on my head, face, neck, and upper left arm. It leaves me trying to interpret what I view as mixed signals.

That isn’t all that out of the ordinary from my experience.A similar lack of perceivable effects happened when i started exploring planetary magic in ritual and with the work I am doing with black magic of ahriman.

It seems, least far as i can tell there is an aclimation time when the subtle and phsyical bodies are adjusting to the new stimulus before it becomes increasingly notable.

For example when i started using the hexagram rituals for planetary magick i couldnt feel or perceive squat where as with the elemental counterpart for the elements i have had them light up with visible lines of force radiating where i marked them. It threw me way off at first but i kept up with it and slowly started noticing sutble changes happening during the ritual.

Same thing happened when i started preforming the igniton of the black sun from black magic of ahriman. It is a ritual gear toward atuning to the various divs and hooking into the current. When i started about 7 months ago i didnt notice any large shift in atmosphere or energies. Now i have times where the energies of a specific div will almost cause my legs to drop out from under me.

Intensity of practice leads to intensity of result. Least from my experience it does.


Thank you, what you said about hooking into the current makes a lot of sense. It never before occurred to me that all magick wasn’t the same and different sensitivities develop independent of each current. Lots of food for thought, your insight is very much appreciated.

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Your welcome, one method you may wanna explore while you develop is penny divination. A few people have had good results with it with regard to evocation.

also i would add when you begin evoking during the ritual take good notes of thoughts that bubble up during. I could be the entity attempting to make contact. Dont worry about if they are of your mind or not, least not during the ritual. Question things all you want after the ritual but leave doubt out of your ritual.