Hello all,

Which authors are authentic in their writing on Quimbanda.

Aside from Quimbanda, what are the other accessible paths of Brazilian origin?

Thank you

Nicholaj Frisvold has some pretty good books on Quimbanda. Couldn’t recommend him more honestly.

Umbanda has a growing presence in the states and there is a house a few hours from me that is pretty good. Quimbanda is a bit harder to find though. I mainly know about these two and a bit about Candomble, but from what I understand it’s hard to meet Candomble practitioners outside Brazil.

I would be wary about any book that over or under emphasizes the daemonic influences in Quimbanda. Lots of Luciferians are co-opting Quimbanda and infusing it with Qayinite stuff and other modern day occult things. Nothing wrong with that stuff on it’s own, but it isn’t Quimbanda.

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