Quimbanda: Brazilian Magic

Hello guys,
Im here to introduce you the brazilian magic, the Quimbanda.

Quimbanda is an african-Brazilian cult with strong Bantu influence very influenced by european black magic.

-The Quimbanda’s Egregore:

Within the Brazilian territory there is a huge cultural diversity, the result of miscegenation, immigration,

migration and local manners. The Quimbanda, being hybrid, is not homogeneous in all regions. A large plurality of

names and designations of Exus and Pombas Giras are found in the houses of Quimbanda from Brazil and some

countries in South America which develops the cult. The regionalism (myths, legends and folklore) names the same

emanation with different names, but if these spirits are properly analyzed and compared, we find similarity in acts, mannerisms and way of magical acting. There is no right or wrong in such cases, because each place feeds the emanations in a particular way.

Though each House / Temple / Shrine of Quimbanda follows the evolutionary path determined by its leaders. As there are different people, obviously there are different cults. For this reason, the Quimbanda eventually becomes broad and open to spiritual alchemy. This does not mean that the cult is a “circus of invention” nor an irresponsible practice. The “reading” and structure adopted by each adept leader receives influence from all practices which it acquired in its evolutionary journey.
Under the vision of more conservative adepts, the Quimbanda practiced nowadays dethroned many features of their origins because of adopting methods and fundaments which flees the original conception, however, before we applaud the same “conservationist discourse”, we must understand four main concepts: Gnosis, Wisdom, Evolution and Religious Practice.

1st Gnosis
Gnosis, a word derived from the Greek Γνωσις (gnosis) knowledge. The word is rich in interpretations, however, can be summarized as follows: “Gnosis is the knowledge arising from the sensitivity of the communion of internal experiences that leverage the” revelations "coming from own astral and remove man’s ignorance and blindness that Material vessel (body), as well as all material forces produce. "

2nd Wisdom
Wisdom, word derived from the Greek Σοφία, “sofía”, can be synthesized as a sum of intelligence, patience and prudence. A wise man is one who performs acts with full support from his experience knowing how to respect other people’s opinions.

3rd Evolution
The Evolution governs the changes and amendments (in broad sense) of a population cycle of generations. Are thechanges occurred gradually over time.

4 ° Religious Practice
The Religious Practice is the theoretical and philosophical content of the “sacred” and the ritualistic execution, esoteric and exoteric practice of religions and cults.

The four concepts mentioned above gives support throughout the search of the “Supreme Truth”. The “Gnosis” means

that each individual has their own conception and individualize their understanding, applying it respectfully in an evolutionary way and not stagnant. This is the primordial concept of “Eshu”, the principle of individualized existence, dynamism and of construction, as well as a “Okotô” snail symbolizes evolutionary continuity in regular rhythm. Therefore, Quimbanda, like all religions and cults, did not escape of the evolutionary flames imposed by the inner search of the adepts and of the own spirits.
Nowadays, the vortices of Quimbanda absorbed much knowledge about Ceremonial Magick, Goetia, demonology, Draconian Magic, Kabbalah, “Luciferianism”, Mineralogy, Herbology, among numerous sources of knowledge implied in such segments. This provided the spirits that make up the Legions and Kingdoms of Quimbanda as well as the adepts, a development towards a broader evolutionary path. In another aspect, the vortices also opened to the beings who developed their paths in other egregores. The legions increased, knowledges merged, and consequently Quimbanda became much more powerful and wide.

Egregore can symbolize the aura of a place where there are group meetings as well as the aura of a working group of persistent and intense work that seeks to improve the creation of forces through specific mental currents and rituals performed in truly spiritual and esoteric temples. When this egregore is directed mistakenly, the psychmental creations turn into authentic monsters that are to pursue its own creators as well as whose which frequents these temples. The word “egregore” is derived from the Greek “egregorien” whose meaning is summarized in a condensed energy created from an assembly of identical thoughts and capable to generate, condense and progressively feed an entity/force. As an egregore accumulates energy from various frequencies, the more powerful the individual, the more force it will be lending to the egregore for it to incorporate the others ones.
Knowers of this major premise, many powerful sorcerers, witches and mages were attracted to the cult of Quimbanda, eager to merge new energy sources. Such merges openened mighty portals making that certain links and stereotypes were modified. Today, the Eshu which works in the lines of Quimbanda has more complex foundations,ceasing to be the marginalized figure and crowning himself “King”, knower of secret and esoteric Gnosis.

-The Spirits, Legions, Realms.


Exu-Egún or Exu Catiço:

The word “Eshu” is the linguistic origin of the Yoruba’s word: “ESU”. Within the Nago’s religious cults, which involves the Ebora, the Orixás/Orishas(deities) and all the Irúmmmale; ESU is the driving generationg force , constructive, dynamic of all beings that exist. Perforce, ESU participates in all, for without your ASÉ/AXÉ/ASHE,
there wouldnt beexpansion, either, individualized life. Therefore, ESU is the own development, transmution, growth, and communication of the beings.

The symbolism of ESU is huge, as its legends and myths. We can say that Esu is the result of fusion of water and earth, the dynamic power (+) and receptive (-), masculine and feminine, white blood and red blood.

When the Kimbandas(African Healer/Priest) and Ngangas(Sorcerers)crossed the Atlantic Ocean (Great Kalunga), they
brought the cult of Esu to the Brazilian territory. As stated in previous texts, manners, culturalinteractions and syncretism made ​​the worship of Esu take different routes and the name Esu (adapted to Exu/Eshu) also became a title for the disembodied spirits(spirits of the dead) which manifested itselves in evolutionary paths two paths and of “Left Hand” in the “new” rituals. These disembodied spirits were classified as “Exus-Egúns” or Exus “Catiços”.

Before entering in the labyrinths of the “Exu” concept, it is necessary to understand the “Egún” concept. The word “Egún”, also derived from the people of Nago and Yoruba language, possess a plurality of applications, however, a more appropriate definition is “ancestor”. According to Nagôs the Primal EGUNS are responsible for the ancestry of men. This conception deifies the ancients, giving them the status of makers of the history of men, however, it doesnt fit us to discuss the genesis of the theogony of african religions. EGUNS are the spirits of deceased persons, even if the same have not been initiated into the paths of African religions. When people are initiated in African religions, they become object of cult and reverence. The male ancestral spirits are called “Egúnguns” and female ancestors are “Iya-àgbà-” or “Iyá-mi”.

As previously mentioned, when a human dies, it becomes an Egún. The EGUNS are classified as following:
1 - Transitory Spirits;
2 - Wandering and lost Spirits;
3 - Revolted and angry Spirits
4 - Obsessing spirits.

The Transitory Egúns are good followers of their religious backgrounds that when they die, they do not carry with them existential doubts and spiritual pendencies. The possible disappointments and frustrations are resolved in a more brand way and the referral to more appropriate spiritual plane is not slow. Due to its balanced energies, they become the object of longing and family cult on specific days.

The lost and wandering Eguns are spirits that when they die, are loaded with frustrations, disappointments and traumas which trap them in very strong psych mazes. They wander around the crossroads in search of answers and sometimes do not understand that they transposed the Material Vessel. They live on the astral plane in apathetic and submissive states and are not the object of desire of more denser spiritual currents, however, are used for certain obscure purposes. They remain in this stage for a long time, until they find the inner strength to enlighten them to seek support from Forwarder People.

The revolted and angry Egúns are spirits that departed from matter with some sort of revolt. Not completely obscure, but are attracted by justificar/vigilante spirits currents. How they still have remnants of their
religious and morals, are indoctrinated and can follow two different paths: Going through a portal through the Crossing of Souls or integrate the body of any Legion or People of Exu.

The obsessors Egúns are departed spirits from matter with strong impulses for revenge. They do not conform with the events and try to complete all forms impulses that had while alive. Are fierce, rebellious and all religious and moral formation which they had while they were alive are dredged by the obscuring of their astral bodies. When they have the black flame within them, they become object of desire of the currents of Exu, however, when it was only obscured by the behavioral failures and lack of emotional control, are easily integrated into a group of Kiumbas.

The angry, revolted and obsessive Egúns are the base materials that makes up the Legions of Exu and PombaGira(Female). After being recruited by the legions, are indoctrinated and trained by the People Chiefs and can compose the spirituality of another human being.
They are attracted to the Kingdoms by the vibrations that they carry in the astral, thus, in the spiritual planes, the Law of Attraction is fundamental to the formation of the Kingdoms of Exu.

The term “Catiço” can be understood as a synonym for smartness. In a deeper analysis, “Catiço” is also a popularterm to define either hyperactive children, as people with bad character. “Catiço” is another word of the same root that can help clarify other aspects, after all, its meaning is similar to “mandinga”, “evil eye” and bad luck. So, “Catiços” spirit are the smart disembodied, quick, active, with sweetness and evil when needed and have the energy of the mandinga/mandinka, of the spell of good luck and bad luck.

Exus-Egúns or Exus Catiços manifest themselves through evocations and invocations. When invoked from the astral plans, they can incorporate/ride in certain people who have proper faculties added to a high perceptive degree.

Such people are called “mediums”, intermediaries which regulates energy discharge between its dense matters and the spiritual body of deceased beings.



*Pontos Riscados(Scratched Points):
The “Pontos Riscados” are sacred symbols which produce large debates within the african-Brazilian religious aspects. There are heated defenders of different theories, however, the “Ponto Riscado” is an understanding of the individual set of drawings that forms and discharge produced energy that each spiritual ruler will absorb.

The “Points of Exu and PombaGira” are complex “signatures” which aims to create an intense vibration that acts on the subconscious of the adepts and in the astral structure. Each time a Ponto of Exu is scratched, it opens a portal between the various plans that enables the coming of the Spirit in all fullness and, within the concept of incorporation, the certain point opens “subconscious doors” (also known as “cut-fire doors”) that facilitates the “spiritual symbiosis” between spirits and adepts.

The “Pontos Riscados” are defined in the following ways:

1 - Individual Ponto Riscado:

Occurs when the spirit that is part of the Kingdoms of Quimbanda “scratches the point” through the channeler medium adept (who is able to the act). This symbol is a individual “signature” that demonstrates the power of the spirit, as well as the Legion and Kingdom it belongs to.

2 - Ponto Riscado of the Tradition:

Occurs when the followers or heads makes use of “Pontos Riscados” who are already part of the tradition of the cult of Quimbanda.

3 - Inspirated Ponto Riscado:

Occurs when the head or adept receives the symbol of the “Ponto Riscado” through an inspiration emanated from the spiritual planes.

4 - Built Ponto Riscado:

Occurs when the head or adept uses its exoteric and esoteric knowledge to produce a field of manifestation of forces.

The forms of activation, as well as the esoteric interpretations vary from head to head. As Quimbanda is a spiritual structure that “swallows and absorbs” other forms of Gnostic development, the “Pontos de Exu” can
perform the same functions of Sigils, which are symbols that can be used in the practice of Chaos Magick and other forms of ceremonial magic full of symbolism that express complex gnosis whose functions are endless.

Following, it will be presented some “Pontos Riscados” of Exu and PombaGira, inside the Gnosis and interpetration according to the Quimbanda developed by the Templo de Maioral Beelzebuth e Exu Pantera Negra:

We will use the “Ponto Riscado of the Tradition” of Exu Caveira to exemplify ways of interpreting the symbols and how they can demonstrate the qualities and powers of this spirit.

As we observe this Ponto Riscado, the first situation we analyze is the central axis and lateral axis symmetrically forming a sign of balance.

This sign means:

1 - The four cardinal points;
2 - The four elements;
3 - Masculine and Feminine;
4 - The spiritual and the physical.

So we have as reference all these aspects to determine the extent of the powers of this Exu.
Following the line of reasoning, we will discuss the differences between the forks (tridents) and their locations.

First, however, we will do an explanation about the syncretism which added the trident to the powers of Exu.

The trident appears as spiritual representation in various ancient cultures. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva, considered the “Great Destroyer” or “Transformer”, bearing in his hand a trident representing the destruction of human ignorance. The three points represent the inertial motion and balance, that is, the synthesis of all formation. The Greek God Poseidon, Lord of Waters, wore the trident as scepter of power. Fulminating as the
lightningbolt, the God of depths has the power to make the earth tremble and to be devastated by the action of his trident, a lethal weapon of war that, when in combat, by hitting the heart of the opponent, would subtract the opponent’s soul power. Furthermore, the trident of this angry Greek god could dry out or flood the land according to the will of its handler. Inside the syncretism between Greek and Roman peoples, Neptune (the Roman god of water) also possessed a trident. This son of Saturn has an incredible dynamic force that even reaches to distort notions of reality, however, is the force that, if properly crafted, gives us self-awareness and ability to transcend the limitations of the flesh.

The formation of the Christian “Devil opponent” is a mass that was influenced by many historical phases. This mass increased since from the campesinos cults, where the horned god had sexually the triple goddess, through the Babylonian, Egyptian, African, Greek, Celtic, Hindu, Roman mythologies, and all the cultures that were not submissive to the God on the cross. As these peoples were defeated in bloody wars, the “defeated” gods were demonized and sent to the graft of the “Great Opponent”. The trident, for its deadly qualities, ended being placed in the hands of the “Obscure and Sinister Being”, opponent, of the Christian God and his angelic hosts. When the African cult of ESU was discovered by christians, it did not take long for this God to be added to the “Kingdom of Darkness” and to carry a trident on its hands.

Therefore, the Exu’s trident symbolizes a lethal weapon that can be used in astral wars, however, has grandioses esoteric attributes. In the hands of Exu it is a scepter of power that can generate electricity and movement, balancing or unbalancing the life and everything that surrounds it. The discharge of a trident can blind and lead to madness or illuminate the subconscious and drive adepts to the supreme state of grace. The trident is the weapon that leads to evolution giving impulses to the projects and dreams. On a more sinister context, the weapon discharges saturnine forces, obscure and unknown that can exterminate when needed. It is an instinctive and fundamental weapon to transcend.

Back to the “Ponto Riscado,” the vertical line symbolizes the physical world, coagulated and filled with material forms. The fork that ascends is of rectilinear shapes (quadratic fork).

The quadratic straight trident can be understood as a strong centralizing symbol that points greater strength and stability. The energies emitted by it are more difficult to reverse, after all, the stability of the figure emits more permanent forces. The quadratic tridents are figures of dynamic and direct power, whose energy does not have any interruptions. In the hands of an Exu represents that it possesses a constant driving power, solving all necessary forms for evolution.

The shape of the trident has nothing to do with the gender (male or female), only the polarity. The quadratic trident is an emissor of positive polarity (+) and is closely linked to the elements of fire and air. When facing up, it is dissolving all evolutionary barriers, opening the field of perception, giving energies necessary to the achievement of certain situations, removing the inertia, driving, exhausting, destroying or rebuilding. It is the trident of execution.

On the presented “Ponto Riscado”, the quadratic trident is pointed up on the horizontal line. As it represents the physical world, this quadratic trident demonstrates that Exu Caveira carries the power of evolution in the material field, however, depletes and destroys when it is not intended to evolution. The energy of Exu Caveira is so brutal that on the symbol we find necessary elements to contain the intense flow.

Two small circles connected by a line is a symbol suggesting that balancing the force should be controlled otherwise create tension uncontrollable. It is a clear warning that the Exu Caveira wont deny to destroy an material empire, relations of gross interest and the consumist blindness. The circle is a delimiter symbol, it is a figure of continuous and harmonious movement as its ability to centralize power and define spaces is perfect.

The small circle that is at the foot of the vertical line is the dynamo that produces and focuses the energies.

Sequentially, a “key” is showing that elemental energies are under control and mastery. Forks that have this “key” are carried by powerful Exus as they also demonstrate the high wisdom in the occult arts and consequently, the power upon legions.

The horizontal line represents the spiritual plane. In advanced studies of “Theory of Forms”, the horizontal lines do not require much energy discharge to exist, besides they represent the rest and the own physical death. Forks of rounded forms are at both sides, marking a beginning and end. The rounded tridents (forks) are closely linked to uterine mysteries. The uterus is a site of generation, however, is a dark and gloomy, receptive, intuitive and esoterically connected chthonic forces(underworld).They are weapons of exhaustion, imprisonment and negative polarity (-). Despite sending energies, its main function is to drain as a kind of “black hole”. For this reason they are widely used by the Realms of Kalunga(Reino da Kalunga), and Cruzeiro das Almas (Crossing of Souls). There is a confusion between the rounded trident and the “Trident of PombaGira” by the uterine shape (glass) that it has, but this relationship is not true. Exus and PombaGiras uses rounded tridents.

On the Ponto of Exu Caveira, the horizontal line with rounded forks at their tips demonstrates that the power of the Exu in the spiritual plane is linked to the process of depletion, drainage and imprisonment. Also portrays that his strong point is in the mortuarys, chthonic plans, on the physical decomposition and on direction. This same direction appears on the two curved lines that cross the horizontal line. Curved lines are an expression of the union of two energies, ie, the physical and material energies.

Exu Caveira demonstrates on the “Ponto Riscado of Tradition” that it has big dynamic strength on material plans, but its domains are the “Death Fields” and in all processes involving the detachment. Teach us through that Ponto that material climbing requires us the balance and correct use of our faculties under penalty of being drained and exhausted. This is part of the stoning of the altruistic Ego.
The “Pontos Riscados” are important means of knowing the spirits, their domains and esoteric responses that involves them.

If you are interested, I can post a bit more about Quimbanda. The use of blood, spirits vessels…


I’d Like to revive this thread, as im getting some signs in my magick work that is related to this so would like more stuff added please, especially on The Pomba Gira’s.

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There’s a pretty good book available called “Quimbanda: The Cult of The Red and Black Flame”.


Will check it out, I got Frisvold’s Exu & Pombagira too, which is helpful but im recieving other things through my magick and i’m trying to see how it all fits in lol.

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Also anyone familiar with pomba gira’s " the drop of venom" or “drop of poison” ?

Quimbanda is related to Palo Mayombe. Both are initiatory traditions, meaning you don’t invite yourself in; you’re welcomed and initiated, or you’re sent away. Realize these traditions don’t accept everybody, they are exclusive fraternities. Don’t be mad if they say no to you.

Dabbling into those traditions is considered trespassing. Trespassers are dealt with accordingly. Word to the wise.

Find a tata in a legit terreiro (or a legit munanso for Palo) near your home. The best terreiro are in Brazil, best munanso are in Cuba. There may be terreiro or munanso in your country, but you have to check. The tata there will answer your questions and guide you into initiation, if that is your calling.


An open tradition similar to some parts of Quimbanda is given in Jake Stratton-Kent’s excellent Trve Grimoire for information on a spirit pantheon that has similarities to some of the spirits in Quimbanda. Jake explains how to work the Verum tradition effectively and you need answer to no one to do this work.

Respect the traditions, get in where you fit in, and good luck.

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Very interesting, but nothing around me. I hear it’s taking off in Russia, though. Too bad it’s considered dangerous for non—initiates to practice.

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Hello ,

Can you pm me about those books please, kiss-lamia-lilith

Is there a book on Exu Caveira?

Amazon has a quimbanda book on his top 100.

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Interesting.keep writing

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After reading about Quimbanda, it’s very fascinating. Is it possible that the human experience is just another level of spiritual reality, and that we are Eguns here and now experiencing hell or heaven according to our dedication and progression as souls?

That is something I wonder, after having repeated dreams that I enter, and then get lost in a carnival stadium that I can’t get out of, and can’t leave and everyone ignores me when I try to get help.

I recently asked a spirit Poyel (Archangel) to help me meet someone that could provide a useful resource to me getting better work. I ended up meeting someone at an event who (without getting into it ) was a potential networking contact, but as the night progressed and they began drinking became very unpleasant, perverted, sexist and I had to basically cancel my plans and leave the event to get away from.

There was a strange spiritual significance to this lesson, of how honesty in intentions will always attract best results in dealing with spirits, and it seems I met a person who was probably possessed by linner demons” that reflect my own lack of evolution.

Ponderings and mental masturbation, I know, but it has me wondering about my life, the human experience, and this reality, as I record all my dreams every night and have spiritual experiences often and read Tarot daily

The fact that I am seeing this thread revived tonight is a sign I believe that my matron spirit, Pomba Gira Maria Padhila is encouraging me to come to the crossroads again.